Three more Johnson County, Kansas residents die of COVID-19 complications

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. — Officials in Johnson County confirmed Friday morning that more residents have died due to complications with COVID-19.

According to the update, so far 172 residents tested positive for the virus. Below is a chart categorizing the number of positive cases by age group.

Age distribution (median age: 55)
Age range Number of cases Number of deaths**
0-9 0
10-19 2
20-29 16
30-39 18
40-49 32 1
50-59 32
60-69 29
70-79 22 3
80-89 21 3

Officials with Jackson County, Johnson County, Kansas, Wyandotte County and the City of Kansas City are currently under a “stay-at-home” order until April 24. It directs residents to stay at home except for essential needs.

Here is a list of what counts as essential activities and essential businesses during stay-at home order

Health officials ask that you refrain from visiting the ER during this time for mild illness. They suggest isolating at home and away from family for at least seven days or for 72 hours after symptoms are gone.

If you do have severe symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath they want you to call your doctor.

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