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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way millions of Americans are doing business.

Many are working from home instead of heading into the office in response to the outbreak.

Employees who’ve worked form home for years have some tips on how you can stay productive.

They suggest getting up and actually getting dressed for the work day. Take a break and get out of the house, even if you just walk around your yard and make sure you give yourself free time during the day.

Alexis Ceule, who’s worked from home for 15 years, says the biggest key is following a schedule.

“You’ve got to have a habit. Because otherwise you had that habit when you’re going into work. Just keep that habit going. Get up, get going. Get settle in, get a good place to use your laptop or whatever else you can use. Just start cranking out like you usually do,” Ceule said.

Cuele says it’s easy to go stir crazy at home. So give yourself some free time throughout the day.