INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — It may be the first day of spring, but crews have been hard at work fixing potholes for weeks.

Independence workers have already repaired 2,100 potholes in the past four months, according to the city. That is an average of 500 repairs each month.

The city says its crews repaired hundred more potholes this year than over the same time last year. In 2022, crews had filled about 1,400 potholes by the end of March.

Potholes are formed when there are rapid temperature changes. When ice melts, water runs into cracks in the roads. The water can then freeze again and weaken the pavement.

Independence says it defines a pothole as a hole that is six inches or larger.

There is so much work around the city that crews may not repair a pothole before a driver finds it.

The city is asking anyone who spots a pothole to report it directly to the city using its IndepNow app. The app lets the user take a picture, pin it on a map and provide other details that will help crews locate the problem as quickly as possible.

Potholes can also be reported to the city’s Pothole Hotline at 816-325-7624.