KANSAS CITY, Mo. —Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers are asking drivers to slow down as they respond to multiple crashes.

While the snow-covered roads are making it challenging for drivers, conditions are also causing headaches for crews working to keep streets and highways passable.

“It’s absolutely more challenging,” Melissa Black, Missouri Department of Transportation, said. “This is the type of storm that really causes some of the more difficult issues for us.”

The materials MoDOT crews normally use to melt snow and clear roads don’t work as well when it is this cold outside. Black says as soon as snow and ice on the roads starts to melt, it refreezes.

“We’re doing out best to stay on top of the roads, but it’s a very quickly changing type of situation,” Black said.

MoDOT says it has about 2,400 plow drivers out working to clear roads across the state Thursday morning.

Anyone traveling across the state who ends up needing help can dial *55 to get in touch with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.