KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Old will meet new as crews working on the KC Streetcar Main Street Extension reach a milestone.

Workers plan to focus on connecting the existing streetcar track to newly laid track in the Kite E. Singleton Maintenance Yard. The site is located near East 3rd Street and Holmes Street, just east of the Heart of America Bridge.

The KC Streetcar Authority says this is the first time the new streetcar tracks will tie into the existing system.

Crews will begin working around the clock on the project later this week.

The 24-hours-a-day work is expected to start Wednesday, May 31. It will continue for eight days, weather permitting, according to the Streetcar Authority.

There are plans in place to keep noise to a minimum as crews work overnight.

KC Streetcar crews plan to monitor the decibel levels of all equipment being used in the work zone. Backup alarms on equipment will be switched to white noise to keep the activity as quiet as possible, according to project managers.

Crews will also work to make sure lighting stays within the work zone so as not to disturb nearby residences and businesses. 

The work will not impact KC Streetcar’s normal routes.

The streetcar’s route isn’t the only thing growing. Construction is underway to renovate the Vehicle Maintenance Facility, where the streetcars are stored.

Kansas City will also receive eight new streetcars to put into rotation by 2025.