MERRIAM, Kan, — The city of Merriam is considering what to do about a major thoroughfare, but some people aren’t happy about one of the ideas.

Supporters want to turn a three-lane road into two lanes on Merriam Drive.

Many business owners say they don’t like the idea, arguing there is a lack of street parking. Trucks currently use the middle lane to park and make deliveries.

Other people and business owners argue the third lane helps reduce congestion because many drivers turn left from Merriam Drive onto Johnson Drive. They say reducing that part of Merriam Drive to two lanes would make it more dangerous for drivers and pedestrains.

Others say the plan would help make Merriam a destination. They believe by reducing the street to two lanes, widening sidewalks, and adding bike lanes, more people will visit the area. The more people who visit, the more money that will be spent in that area, according to supporters of the idea.

Last month, city leaders agreed to a compromise.

They will keep Merriam Drive three lanes from 58th Street to Johnson Drive. It would then be reduced to two lanes from 58th Street to 55th Street.

That caused the owners of KC Strings, True Auto and several other businesses to sign a petition demanding the center turn lane along Merriam needs to stay. 

Last week, The Merriam City Council voted to rescind the vote on that plan, something the council has never before done.

City Council members plan to vote on the issue during it’s meeting on Feb. 27. They say they just want to make sure they are making the best decision for the community.