ROCHEPORT, Mo. — A chain reaction crash in a construction zone caused the mess on the Missouri River Bridge in Mid-Missouri Tuesday morning.

The driver of a vehicle swerved and suddenly braked in front of a pickup according to a Missouri State Highway Patrol crash report. The crash happened in an area where traffic was already slow because a work zone caused a lane of traffic to close.

Investigators said six vehicles were involved in the crash and ended up blocking both westbound lanes of Interstate 70 on the bridge.

The crash report shows everyone involved in the crash had their seat belts fastened and only one person suffered minor injuries.

The highway was closed for nearly five hours as crews worked to unload cattle from one tractor-trailer to move it. They also used machinery to move cans of Bud Ice from a trailer into a dumpster.

I-70 reopened shortly before 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.