KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The second day of the 2023 NFL Draft doesn’t look as perfect as Day 1, at least when it comes to the weather forecast.

There is a possibility of rain and thunderstorms Friday afternoon, with the highest risk around 6 p.m. That is also when the NFL Draft Round 2 is scheduled to begin.

With the rain comes the threat of lightning, and there is a lot of open space at the NFL Draft Experience.

“So, we’re tracking it of course,” Ewell said of the weather. “We have great partners on the weather front,” Nicki Ewell, the Senior Director of Events for the National Football League, said.

Remember, umbrellas are not allowed inside the NFL Draft area.

Seek Shelter

FOX4 Meteorologist Jacob Lanier warns fans to seek shelter as soon as they hear thunder or see lightning.

He says taking shelter in a tent, or under a tree or canopy does not provide the protection fans need during a thunder storm.

Instead, fans need to get to a sturdy structure, or vehicle, as soon as possible.

Fans FOX4 spoke to Friday afternoon came to the National World War I Museum and Memorial prepared for the weather.

“What am I going to do if it rains? I’ve got a poncho, so we’re just going to stick it out,” Des Moines, IA resident Mike Franco said in an interview with FOX4 Friday.

Franco plans on staying the entire night.

“The rain doesn’t bother me,” he continued. “The thunder and lightning might be a different story, so we’ll see how it plays out.”

Shelter Options

Each fan can buy a $20 general admission ticket that allows access to the inside of the WWI Museum and Memorial. There are also restrooms and a café inside the structure.

Anyone near a parking garage downtown or at Union Station can also simply walk inside for shelter.

The KC Streetcar and RideKC shuttles are free and will also provide shelter from any thunderstorms.

NFL OnePass App

Ewell says there is a contingency plan in place if there’s lightning, electricity, or high winds.

“No, I think we know what the weather is.,” Ewell said when asked if she could go more in-depth into what the contingency plan is. “We certainly dealt with it during load in, so we have a plan in place especially when it comes to the fan communications.”

Ewell says fans will be getting notifications through the NFL OnePass App.

“We’re tracking it,” she continued, when asked if she was nervous for Friday night’s weather. “No different than any other event if we’re not in a dome scenario, at the Super Bowl, no different. We have a huge team in place that’s prepared to deploy the plan where necessary. We are prepared for it.” 

Unless weather warrants, fans are not allowed inside Union Station.

NFL Draft

Ewell said the NFL Draft itself would not be delayed. The picks will continue even if there’s lightning. The draft experience on the other hand, could be a different story. 

“Yes, she said when asked if the NFL Draft Experience could be delayed. “We would make sure that there was absolutely a shelter in place and those things happening.”

Other fans like Gardner, KS resident Cap Narine came prepared with a poncho too. He does not plan on leaving if there’s lightning.

“We’ll see,” Narine said. “I think we’re used to it though. It’s Kansas City in the Spring. If you’re not used to the weather, stick around five minutes, it’ll change.” 

The forecast is expected to clear up in time for Friday night’s Mötley Crüe concert.

Saturday’s weather is expected to be much better with sun and highs in the upper 60s or low 70s.