GARDNER, Kan. — As an excessive heat warning has stretched its arms around the Kansas City metro, many people are feeling its wrath.  

Gardner welcomed back the Garmin Air Show again for another round of amazing sights across our skies.  

But it also served as a reminder of just how dangerous this heat can be if you don’t take the appropriate precautions.  

Johnson County Med-Act reports that in total, they had to treat 169 patients throughout the whole weekend for heat-related emergencies at the air show.  

In all, 122 of those patients were treated on Saturday, and another 47 on Sunday. In total, five people were transported to local hospitals for care.  

“Yesterday, I felt was a life or death situation in that heat,” Jane England, whose son was treated for heat exhaustion at the air show said.

England and her son know all too well just how dangerous this heat is.

“He came to me and said he thought he was going to pass out. He was dizzy, his vision was getting blurry.”

He wasn’t alone.

“Prepare. Take a cooler in your car with water, have a rag in the cooler,” England said.

That’s the key word: preparation. Because if you thought it felt like the hottest day ever, well perception is reality.

The heat index was 118 degrees in Kansas City and 134 degrees in Lawrence, both the highest ever recorded.

“I don’t run as much. I’ll walk a good distance just to cool off,” Bobby Cann said.

Even for experienced runners like Cann, taking precautions in these sorts of temperatures is a must.  

“When you hear things about people that have heat strokes or whatever, or even when the Chiefs are training and somebody passes out or whatever. Things like that are always on my mind. Stay hydrated and don’t try to come out here and kill yourself with the run.”

JoCo Med-ACT told FOX4 they have responded to 14 calls across the county related to the temperatures and extremely high heat index.