KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Whether you want to hit a patio, fire up the grill or do anything outdoors on Wednesday afternoon, the weather will be delightful with pleasant temperatures and plenty of sunshine, though you will notice some haze in the sky.

FOX4’s Karli Ritter explained during the Morning Show that Canadian wildfire smoke is filtering down into the Kansas City area, descending from northwest of the metro.

She added that the haze will pick up in intensity and linger through at least Thursday, but it may make for a spectacular sunset Wednesday night.

While picturesque, anyone who falls into a sensitive group should note the air quality is going to be unhealthy. Anyone with heart or lung disease, older adults, children and teens should avoid strenuous activity and be mindful of time spent outside

AirNow.gov shows the air quality index on Wednesday afternoon in downtown Kansas City at 132 with fine particles making life more difficult for people with breathing issues. Areas immediately northwest are even worse, registering 150+ in places like Topeka and Manhattan, Kansas, and up into Nebraska and Iowa.