Freezing fog possible early Tuesday, making slick roads and visibility issues possible


It’s not something we hear about too often, but freezing fog is a good possibility early Tuesday morning.

That’s already been the case late Monday night in southern Nebraska, and ridge of high pressure partially responsible for this is getting closer to us overnight.

We’re Weather Aware until 10 a.m. Tuesday. Normally we can handle fog pretty well. Sure, there are some visibility issues, but when you add a freezing component, that changes things a bit.

Temperatures are already dropping into the teens, and they’ll stay there overnight.

With all this moisture at the surface from the snow the last couple of days, that will combine with other ingredients for fog to develop overnight.

These super-cooled droplets will cause a glaze to form on car surfaces and roadway surfaces over time. You may notice this as you drive and your windshield freezes up a bit, especially if you don’t have the defrost on. Black ice may also be a concern as well. Extra travel time may be needed.

Temperatures warm up by the afternoon and this shouldn’t be a problem for the rest of the day.

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