From Hurricane To A Nor’easter?

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Well it’s taken awhile, but for the 1st time since that strong front moved in 1 week ago today, we’ve finally cracked the 70° mark again and it feels wonderful outside. Skies are bright and sunny and while tomorrow won’t be as warm as today, it should still be rather pleasant with highs back into the 60s.

There is a reason why tomorrow will be somewhat cooler, and that’s because of a weak cold front that will slide through the region over the next 12-18 hours or so. Here is the latest surface map from 1:45 PM showing the front to our north. There is some chilly weather up there, but it’s cold because of a lack of sunshine as well.

Our temperatures have soared into the 70s as of the 2PM hour with a 77° being reported in Topeka!  Again cooler weather on tap for TGIF!

The weekend will be OK, and probably dry with seasonable temps. There may be a few sprinkles on Sunday, but at this point the lower 5-10K feet of the atmosphere might be too dry for anything to really reach the ground. As a matter of fact there will be several waves in the middle part of the atmosphere move through the region SUN and MON. the secondary wave on MON may be able to generate at least some scattered showers. You can get a better idea on the path of these disturbances by looking at the GFS model.

By the way…notice what happens to the wave AFTER it moves through here on Monday, it turns into another BIG NE storm with the potential of at least a moderate Nor’easter setting up.

Now notice what’s going on towards the end of the animation. See that energy off the NW PAC coast…that is the weather-maker due in that I talked yesterday.

Aside from that, still a lot of detail coming out about Sandy in terms of the destruction and the realization just how long folks up there will be without power. The death toll is now up to 158 and counting including 89 in the US. Sadly this number may go up more as authorities are going door to door in some of the worst flooded areas. There are still 4.5 million customers without power, a number that has come down, but a number that now will slowly come down as the hardest to repair areas are getting looked at more. according to the Wall Street Journal insurers may be out at least $20 billion from this disaster.

NOAA has released some rather vivid images of the coastline in NJ. It does appear that state was the hardest hit out of all of them. The folks from Climate Central has come up with some record information concerning the storm.

Finally, if you read my blog a couple of days ago, I talked about how this hurricane vs post-tropical storm was a naming nightmare for the NWS and hence for the public. Interestingly enough it’s possible that this name game may end up saving people thousands of dollars because of the wording of their insurance policies. Read more about it here.

That’s about it for today. Enjoy the mild weather and remember to set your clock BACK one hour this Sunday…or late Saturday night as DST comes to an end.

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