Happy Birthday To The Weather Channel

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Today marks the 30th B-Day of the Weather channel, and while I’ve been a critic of what the channel has evolved into over the past 5 years or so, one has to be impressed, and for us weather junkies, back in the day, that channel was the end all be all for us, when there wasn’t the internet running around giving us all this information at our fingertips.

I was still in college when the “Channel” was born, if you will. In the city of St Louis we didn’t have cable TV back in my college days but when I went home for break, I made sure I watched this channel that was devoted to weather. It was so amazing to me to see all this information displayed all the time. When the “Weather on the eights” came along, just seeing all the different observations from the local airports was pretty impressive to me. Watching the satellite loops and the hurricane/tropical updates also caught my attention. While the graphics were at their most basic, keep in mind that this was  the advent of computer graphic technology. Anyway, here is a video from them that spans the 30 years of styles, graphics and personalities.

Back home, locally the story today is that the clouds, which sort of developed on top of us, and sort of got an assist from the outflow from t/storms affecting northern MO for the AM hours continue to put a hamper on temperatures out there. We’re struggling near 80° this afternoon and it appears tomorrow will be another “struggle” with clouds cover. So we’re going to tone highs down a bit more tomorrow afternoon into the 80-85° range with windy, humid conditions expected. Here is a satellite picture showing the extensive cloud cover in place.

You can clearly see the moisture stream up through TX into E OK and through E KS/W MO. This stream should continue as well tomorrow so at best tomorrow should be partly cloudy.

FRI-SUN all appear to be well above average for temperatures with highs 85-90 and lows near 70 or so. Dewpoints will be in the 65-70° range so it may “feel” a bit warmer than that. the winds will be dropping off dramatically on SAT/SUN so the dewpoints there may start climbing a bit more.

We continue to watch a few rain chances, one will be later THU night into FRI early AM and the better chance should be later SUN night into MON. The 1st chance is more dependent on the potential of storms to develop in NE and role eastwards and potentially send some sort of outflow boundary nearby. That boundary will be fighting the cap however so it’s still no sure thing that we get any storms down this far south. N MO and NE KS may stand a better chance.

The best chance for additional rainfall to me seems to be late into the weekend and early next week. This will be tied to a cold front that will break the heat and humidity and replace it with much more comfortable air early next week.

Remember that hailstorm int he St Louis area over the weekend. I knew that it would cost in the tens of millions, now there is some strong speculation that it may end up being another Billion dollar weather disaster. Interesting article from the Weather Channel about that.

That’s about it for today.


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