KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Happy Halloween! Some people are scared of ghosts and goblins; others are scared of weather events.

Some people may not know what their specific phobia is called. We’ve rounded up some of the spookiest weather trends. Do any of these phobias apply to you?

Spooky weather events:

Ancraophobia: This is a fear of wind.

Antlophobia: This phobia is a fear of floods. The term comes from the Greek word antlia, which means “pump.”

Astraphobia: A fear of thunderstorms; also a fear of thunder and lightning. Along with people, this fear can also affect animals.

Chionophobia: This is the fear of snow. Even a light snowfall can have a big reaction from someone with Chionohobia.

Cryophobia: This is the fear of cold days or cold weather.

Cymophobia: This is when you have a fear of waves or wave-like motions.

Heliophobia: This fear is when you take on an intense fear of the sun or any kind of bright light.

Homichlophobia: This is when you fear fog or foggy weather.

Lilapsophobia: This is a fear of severe weather. For example, this fear escalates when there is a tornado or hurricane.

Nephophobia: This fear is when you are scared of clouds.

Ombrophobia:  Ombrophobia is an extreme fear of rain.

Thermophobia: An abnormal fear of heat, including hot weather and hot objects