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KANSAS CITY, Mo.– We’re counting down the final days of November, and December starts this Wednesday! But it sure doesn’t feel like it around KC this week. Winter hasn’t really shown up yet.

Sure we’ve had some cold mornings in the 20s at times, but there hasn’t been any snow and our coldest high temperature of the fall season so far was 37 degrees back on Thanksgiving Day.

Our normal high temperatures this week should be the mid- and upper 40s. But we’ll be nowhere near that for the next several days. Saturday will likely be our one “normal” day over the next seven.

Long Ranger as of 2 PM Monday, November 29th

We won’t quite get to 70 degrees Monday, but another chance comes on Thursday! If we get to 72 degrees, that would break the daily record high for Dec. 2.

We’ll be on Record Watch for Thursday if things pan out. Here’s a look at top high temperatures for that day & our current forecast.

Moving forward, there doesn’t seem to be much evidence for really cold air moving into our area. Colder air has so far been kept up in Canada with only a couple glancing blows of chilly air in October and November.

Much like the past two months, December has a good chance of being slightly warmer than normal for our area.

Credit: Climate Prediction Center

It’s likely that our temperatures will be trending warmer over the next couple of weeks as well.

So for those that hate the cold, you’ll be loving this week and likely beyond.

Chances are warmer-than-average temperatures continue into the middle of December. From the 6th-12th, average highs are in the low to mid 40s.

And what about the precipitation? We really haven’t had much of that either.

The last day with rain was Nov. 14, more than two weeks ago! And outside of maybe a passing shower or round of drizzle tomorrow, there’s hardly anything else to look forward to this week.

Dry conditions will likely stretch into the middle of the new month as well.

A drier-than-average forecast is definitely possible for the middle of the country through mid-December.

Luckily, no drought concerns exist for much of Kansas and Missouri, but this isn’t a good forecast for those in the Southern Plains and into the Southwest United States, places where drought has continued throughout the fall season.

Moderate to extreme drought continues for areas that may not get much precip in the short-term forecast.

We’ll keep you informed throughout December on any changes or possible shifts in the long range forecast moving forward!