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Don’t forget that tonight Mike will be updating our winter forecast…again since we did one so insanely early this year as opposed to the last few years, I thought it might be a good idea to revisit things since late tonight is the official start of the winter season. Look for it @ 9/10 tonight. Once again the 3 of us have reformulated our thoughts and we’ll be averaging those snowfall totals again and recalculating just how cold it will get this year. maybe it will help you out with our Fire Up the Furnace contest that continues for the rest of the month.

Here is something else you might be interested in, I’ve established a twitter account for the Fox 4 Weather department. What I intend to do with this is give you updates when a weather blog is created so you get the information faster than ever and eventually grow it into real time weather information as conditions warrant. At this point I’m not sure I’ll use it for everyday weather events since you may or may not want that..but in any case…follow fox4wx on twitter and we’ll see where it leads us.

Now concerning the headline of the blog…saw this today and thought I’d let you vote on it and use your results over the weekend. It’s a simple question, in light of us likely having a brown Christmas this year…here is the poll…

Again I’ll use the results in the next couple of days…

Now onto to the weather aspect of things…great out there now with readings heading into the middle-upper 40s. It appears as though, after a couple of more seasonable days THU and FRI that, for the most part, we’re going to finish off the month on a warm note around here, with a few days next week with highs in the 50s and there is an outside chance we could see a day with highs near 60°.

Let’s talk about the latest visible satellite picture first as it shows a nice expanse of snowcover out there that is melting, especially on the NE side of things…

The snow in NE KS is going to be melting quite a bit this afternoon. You can tell it’s deeper though through SW KS and the TX/OK Panhandle area. it’s interesting to see the correlation with the deeper snowcover and the temperatures, notice how in the next map the RED numbers…those are the temperatures.

Click on that image to make it larger…as of 1PM Dodge City is at 27° with 6″ of snow on the ground per this mornings climate update. All around the snowpack readings are int eh 40s.

There is going to be a disturbance moving from the NW part of the country through the western Rockies towards the El Paso area for the next few days, this will give us more cloud cover tomorrow for sure, and keep readings in the 30s as some chillier air moves down through the Plains states…there will be snow falling into KS/CO/NM over the next several days, as a matter of fact most of the state of NM is under a Winter Storm Watch right now and Denver is under a Warning for the potential of 6-12″ of snow…Denver-Stapleton had 24.6″ of snow all of last winter…so far this season snow season they’ve had 17.8″…this storm may get them near or past all of last season’s snowfall.. Here are the latest thoughts from the NWS in Boulder…

The weekend around here looks really good, with highs in the 40s with an outside potential of 50° on Christmas Day and more than likely well into the 50s on the 26th. The later next week, we should bounce well into the 50s again, with a potential run towards 60° depending on the amount of downsloping/chinook winds that may get established.

Interestingly only 23% of the lower 48 is covered in snowfall. That’s the lowest total since 2004 when 19% was covered. last year a whooping 46% of the country was covered in snow. A very impressive change from year to year and one of the reasons why this December has had a tough time staying cold, as of yesterday we’re some 2.4° above average for the month.

That’s about it for today…don’t forget to give me your poll thoughts at the top of the blog and to follow us on twitter @ fox4wx


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