KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As a dangerous winter storm brings snow, ice and strong winds to the Midwest, crews all over the KC area are working diligently to clear streets.

Interstates and major city streets will take priority, and then crews will get to work on residential roads.

Some cities in Jackson County are using GPS technology to track snow plow routes in real time, while others provide more information on their routes and priorities.

For more information on how to track snow plows in your area, check out the links below: 

Kansas City: The Public Works Department keeps a GPS-based snow map updated during winter weather. It shows the last time a city vehicle with a snow plow and/or deicing treatment passed on a street. You can read Kansas City’s snow plow strategy here.

Independence: Independence maintains a snow plow tracker map. You can see what streets have been plowed or treated in the past few hours and what routes snow plows were on recently.

Lee’s Summit: Lee’s Summit’s snow plow map shows what streets have been plowed, treated or are completed. The city notes that the map is self-reported by drivers and is on a delay.

Blue Springs: Blue Springs does not provide a GPS-based map to track snow plows. However, the city does provide detailed maps of its snow routes, showing how streets are prioritized and cleared. Blue Springs has more information about its snow plan online.