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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The snow that fell on the Kansas City area plagued the Wednesday morning rush hour and continued to cause issues for drivers into the early afternoon.

Crews closed Interstate 49 over the noon hour after the driver of a semitrailer lost control and jackknifed in the southbound lanes near Peculiar.

Interstate 70 in the Blue Springs area proved to be hazardous all morning long. Three crashes involving multiple semitrailers and vehicles in the eastbound lanes of I-70 east of Adams Dairy Parkway forced emergency crews to close the highway. The highway didn’t reopen until after 9 a.m., three hours after the crash.

Less than three hours after I-70 in Blue Springs reopened, it closed again because of another crash in the same area.

Drivers in Columbia are also having trouble getting around. The westbound lanes of I-70 at Stadium Drive closed late Wednesday morning because of a crash involving multiple vehicles.

The Missouri Department of Transportation said drivers are having trouble getting up the snow-covered interstate in that area. Drivers are being told to avoid the area and look for alternate routes.

Troopers have not said if anyone was injured in any of the crashes, but did say they have been extremely busy. Troopers in the Kansas City area responded to 249 calls. They helped 153 stranded drivers and worked 62-crashes that did not involve injuries.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is asking everyone to just stay home Wednesday if at all possible. The snow stopped falling in Kansas City late Wednesday morning, but more snow is expected Wednesday evening for parts of the region.