KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Over the years as technology has changed, the access to weather information has blossomed exponentially.

Data that meteorologists look at to create forecasts or help guide them into deciding what will happen in the future, even though that particular feature may not even exist, has become readily available to all those that want to search for it.

In the many years I’ve been in KC, so many have asked me about the weather. And since the weather affects each one of us in different ways, I wanted to get you even more information to utilize.

This helped shape my idea for creating a webpage for folks who rely on weather more deeply. Perhaps for their livelihoods or for a more specific reason. I recently received an email from a viewer who wondered if I can help out our farmers in the region with more up-to-date weather information.

That’s when I decided to put something together, not only for farmers, but for landscapers, gardeners, or really anyone that wants additional weather data to make a more informed decision.

As our computer forecasts have evolved, it’s becoming easier and easier to get that model data out there for you to interpret as well, hence the creation of this new web page:


By clicking on that link, a new page on our website will open up for you and on that page is a wealth of data including:

  • Model forecasts that will update four times per day for the next 36 hours
  • Total moisture forecasts that is model driven
  • Drought updates for the local area
  • Where will it rain or snow over the next 36 hours
  • Wind forecasts for sustained and gusts
  • Temperature forecasts
  • Relative humidity forecasts
  • Dew point forecasts
  • NOAA forecasts for longer-range trends, including 6-10 and 8-14 days into the future
  • Soil temperatures for select areas at 2″ and 6″
  • More granular weather data for various areas courtesy of the Kansas and Missouri Mesonets
  • and other things to be added in the future.

This is for you. If you have any ideas of data that you want added, let me know in the comments section on Facebook or you can email me at joe.lauria@fox4kc.com.

Take a look at the site. I hope this helps for farmers and landscapers in particular. Of note, remember a lot of the data is computer generated and will vary sometimes from run to run, sometimes significantly. It’s the nature of the beast really when designing something like this that will run on its own for the most part.

Always remember that the best forecasts are typically done with human interaction. Those are shown on the newscasts each day and night here on FOX4. There are occasions when certain models freak out and paint unrealistic weather forecasts and that’s where the human element is important to refine those model forecasts and adjust accordingly.

If you notice that that page has a broken link or data that is older and not updating, PLEASE let me know!

Thanks for taking a look,