Joe’s Weather Blog: A wet start today but overall a better forecast (SAT-4/10)


Good morning…a somewhat rare Saturday blog with rain in the region. This rain is being caused by an upper level storm system that is rotating through the region. As it spins away this afternoon the rain will be coming to an end and we’ll see improving conditions, at least drier weather, move into the region.

After this system is done with the area…things are going to settle down for most of next week. Our next chance of rain will come later next week. It won’t be the warmest of weeks, and there will be mornings with frost in parts of the area I think…but overall a drier next 5+ days are coming.



Today: Drying out during the middle of the afternoon with temperatures recovering later this afternoon into the mid>upper 50s

Tonight: Clear skies and cool with lows in the upper 30s. There might be a touch of frost somewhere.

Tomorrow: Much nicer and sunnier with highs in the 70-75° range

Monday: Partly cloudy and cooler with highs in the lower 60s



It’s been an interesting week…and a wet run around these parts…the NWS sent this out this morning.

We’ve gotten another 1.5″ of moisture from all this. Impressive system and like I mentioned last night and in the blog yesterday…in the dead of a “normal” winter…this would have been a 4-8″ rain to snow event…but this time there isn’t any cold air for the storm to work with…so alas…all rain.

You can see the system up at around 18,000 feet or so…

It’s a closed system and it’ll be moving towards central IL over the next 18 hours or so. As it pushes farther away from the area…the drier air will come into the region and we’ll see improving conditions locally.

You can see the back side of the system on the satellite pictures this morning.

Tomorrow is actually sort of a tricky day with a front coming into the area. The issue is do we maintain a SW wind ahead of the front into the late afternoon, maximizing our warmth potential or do we see a wind shift earlier that deflects the best heating to the southwest. IF that is the case then we’ll see temperatures in the 60s instead of the 70s. Still though nice weather!

Next week is pretty good overall…below average for highs and lows for most of the week.

With the cooler weather coming into the area…the risk of severe storms will be eliminated into NEXT weekend.

Severe storms were a big issue in the deep south again yesterday. Mostly hail producers but some gorilla hail was reported in a few spots towards the Gulf Coast. Check this out.

This is a big deal down there! Softball sized hail.

Meanwhile just off the coast…this is a waterspout BUT really it’s a massive tornado that is just over the water…wow!

That was a nasty line of storms towards the Gulf Coast this morning with a long trail of damaging straight line winds as well.

Meanwhile…yesterday temperatures soared to almost 110° in far southern Texas…while temperatures this morning in AK are…well a bit chilly.

Finally on this Saturday…some amazing video of the volcano up in Iceland…this is just mind blowing and tourists are walking right up to the slow moving edge of the lave to see it.

The feature photo comes from Steve Edwards out in Holden, MO

Have a great rest of the weekend!


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