Joe’s Weather Blog: And now for something completely different (MON-2/20)


The temperature reversal that has been anticipated for quite some time has now started. Over the weekend, we warmed up into the 40s and now we’ve got 50s and 60s coming this way for a couple of days. There will be a seasonable pull back for mid week before temperatures start to creep back up to some degree heading into the end of the week.

More importantly and for the next 7-10 days there are no more signs of any arctic intrusions into the central U.S. That means we’re more or less left to our own devices regarding the weather…subtle changes every so often with no big changes coming.

No signs of any significant storms either at this point for the rest of the month as well. March though may start out active.

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Today: Variable clouds, breezy and milder with highs 55°-60°. There may be a decent amount of high clouds filtering out the sunshine today for a while. So those 50s with a breeze will feel a “bit” cooler.

Tonight: Fair and cool with lows near 30°.

Tomorrow: Warmer and breezy with highs in the mid 60s.

Wednesday: Turning more seasonable with highs well into the 40s.



So where we’ve been…

Where we’re going…

Temperature anomalies averaged over the next 10 days

The reason for the little coolish pocket towards I-80 is deep snow pack that will take a while to work through.

Nationwide on the snowpack subject after maxing around 73% of the country covered in snow. We’re down to 47% now. This is where we were on the 16th:

and this morning:

So winter is loosening its grip to some extent on the area and through the Plains really.

It still fascinates me that there is this weird snow hole along I-70 around the KC Metro area and surrounding areas. North of here a LOT of snow. South of here a LOT of snow. West of the region a LOT of snow. East of the region a LOT of snow. And yet here we are, 12″ and will be struggling to 15″ at this rate by the end of the season unless something happens in March.

It was about three to four weeks ago that I was writing about a lack of snow in Chicago. Not anymore. Now close to 50″ for the season. Interesting to note though through all this the Dakotas haven’t had much snow at all. Those numbers in North Dakota and South Dakota are way on the low side for them.

It’s been a weird snow year locally. Lots of events… just small events in the big scheme of things. Up towards I-80… a difference.

Back east, even more impressive to some extent. This is data through the 21st compared to average through the 21st.

This is our fourth coldest start to February.

Three weeks into a month…impressive. IF the month ended today, this would be the coldest February in KC weather history.

We still have a week to go though and temperatures are going to be more average to above average in that time frame almost every day. We should come in the Top 10 of coldest Februarys I think when things are all said and down. So far this month, we’re running 15.6° below average. That’s a 2° improvement from Friday’s number if I remember correctly.

So basically we’re going to get a bit of a break now over the next seven-plus days. No strong storms coming. There might be some rain over the weekend with signs of perhaps a more impressive storm early next week or so. As a matter of fact, the first 10 days of March may be rather active indeed and with that activity may come some risks of thunderstorms.

March as we know can be a pretty fickle month around here. Averages creep up for highs into the 50s and by the end of the month as you can see below from the brown line…close to 60°:

It’s a changeable month with snow risks, cold risks, severe weather risks and the rest of “March Madness” that comes with weather around here.

That though is a topic for another day. The blogs will be off and on this week as the weather has settled down a bit.

Ron Tubb has the feature photo today from Swope Park the other day. The snow is going fast now.


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