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Good afternoon…some great weather out there today with temperatures into the 80s and dew points around 50°. That is a great combination for early June, especially considering all the moisture we have in the ground right now. Our good stretch of weather will mostly continue through early next week. There are some wrinkles though over the next 48 hours that may give parts of the area some scattered showers and storms as early as tomorrow.


Tonight: Mostly clear and pleasant with lows near 60°

Friday: Partly cloudy and mild. Highs in the 80-85° range with higher but still tolerable by summer standards, dew points. Light winds. There should be at least some scattered PM storms/showers to the south of KC proper…perhaps towards Sedalia/Clinton/Butler/Pleasanton areas.

Saturday: It’s not out of the question that some showers could be around the area during the 1st part of the day. Then later in the afternoon towards the Lakes region into central MO and the I-44 corridor area. Highs into the 80s

Sunday: Nice weather with highs in the 80s


Every so often my twitter feed fills up with interesting things that I want to touch on…or perhaps there are other weather notes that I want to pass along to you but because of active weather…I push them to another part of the desk with the hopes of getting back to them…well today is that day…

Yesterday was the start of the Atlantic hurricane season. Interesting to note that there was a VERY rare named storm back in JAN of all times…Alex. Over the weekend there was Bonnie that came ashore in NC…and has now come back offshore and is trying to regain intensity. It was upgraded to a depression earlier…and may be trying to regain tropical storm status (39 MPH+ winds).

You can clearly see it in the satellite pics…

It’s given the outer banks of NC a bunch of rainfall (over 5-7″) this week so far…and it’s still raining.

Another system may try to organize in the SW Gulf or the far NE Caribbean over the weekend…that would be named  Colin. It would be VERY rare to have a 3rd named storm so early in the year. The record for storm #3 is 6/12/1887. This though is a dubious record since really reliable information on these types of systems really only goes back to the use of satellites in the 1970s or so.

It’s NOT that unusual to have tropical activity potentially affect the states in June though…

Meanwhile out west the heat is cranking up in a big kind of way. Some cities including Phoenix…Las Vegas and others up the western 1/3 of the US may see record heat for early June.

Here is some information from the NWS in Phoenix…

Here is the forecast for PHX into early next week. I start my annual golf vacation next week out there…won’t be as brutal…thankfully…only 100-105°

Phoenix forecast…yikes!

As a matter of fact the “ridge” or heat generator is going to be one of the strongest, if not the strongest for early June…at least as we look at the pattern aloft…up at about 18,000 feet or so.

This brighter red colors represent the forecast compared to historical values.

This is obviously not helping the raging drought out there…saw this on the NASA feed today…showing the changes in Lake Mead. Pretty dramatic stuff. Lake levels are at their lowest since it was created back in the 1950s. It’s only 37% full at this point

Here is a graphical representation of the water levels just for 2016…

Lake Mead water levels…down and going lower

Like I mentioned…the drought out there is real…and getting worse by the week. Let’s see what happens when monsoon season starts out there in the next 4-6 weeks or so…

One of the things that are interesting to see out in the deserts during extreme heating are dust devils. They are sort of like tornadoes but don’t form the same way. As the sun heats the desert the air rises. This rising air is then replaced at the surface by air rushing in at the surface.

Well this process can sort of happen in other places as well…look at this video of the same type of process happening in OH…except a hay bale got in the way.

Meanwhile in the more traditional sense of tornado formation…Chad Cowan was storm chasing last week with all the big storms out in western KS. He caught quite a bit of video and speed up the video to create a cool time-lapse.

Definitely worth a look at!

OK that will do it for the desk cleaning. Nice and tidy now!




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