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Good morning…full blog coming this afternoon when things settle down as far as the eclipse goes…let’s get a cloud update out now though…

Storms are still churning out there, especially in NW MO/NE KS and also towards the south and east of I-35. These storms, especially the MO side storms are producing some locally heavy rains.

More importantly though…at least for a little while…we may start to see bluer skies move into the area behind the storms…it may take a bit of time though…here is the latest, up to the minute, satellite image


My main area of concerns for clouds are NW MO/NE KS (general clouds)/SE NE (lots of cirrus) and obviously our area (cirrus clouds [higher up but hopefully thinner]) and cumulus clouds (lower levels).

IF it was me…I’d be taking a bit of a trip eastwards towards central MO…

Let’s hope for the best…I still think for the metro it will be a pretty cool thing to witness…BUT it’s all about TOTALITY and seeing the sun/moon interaction for those brief seconds and that will truly be a winner and loser proposition through that process…sort of like I’ve been saying for quite some time now.