Joe’s Weather Blog: Eventually some rain and then more rain (FRI-5/14)


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s Friday and we’ll actually have a decent day in the area. Granted there will be a lot of clouds and perhaps a few showers somewhere, especially up north, but overall today will be a breezy and nice day in the area.

The weekend isn’t terrible but it’s very iffy. Tomorrow morning and most of Sunday are dicey it appears. There will be a few hours here and there with not much happening I think. Temperatures will be cool with the rain in the area.

Next week will sort of be in and out too. More scattered activity is likely, almost every day it appears, although a day here or there may be mostly rain free.

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Today: Mostly cloudy with perhaps a few showers around. Rain chance about 20%. Highs approaching 70°.

Tonight: Cloudy with rain chances increasing towards daybreak. Lows in the 50s.

Tomorrow: Rain around, especially through lunch. Then lots of clouds. Highs in the mid-to-upper 60s.

Sunday: Off-and-on rain with highs in the 60s.



Time is limited for the blog today because I have a school presentation to do. So I’m not going to go through all the rain talk of all the previous blogs this week.

Follow the forecasts on air for updated rain chances and better times this weekend where things may dry out for a bit of time.

I wanted to touch on the lack of severe weather and some tweets I saw yesterday too.

I’ve blogged about this a lot over the past month or so.

I thought I would dig in a bit more and look at the number of severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings issued from the individual offices, including Kansas City/Pleasant Hill, Missouri:

21 is a pretty low number (so far)

Topeka, Kansas:

28 is also a pretty low number through mid May

There have been slower years and not all warnings actually mean something for sure is happening, especially when it comes to severe thunderstorm warnings.

Nationwide though, you can see the lack of activity in the Plains especially.

If we broaden it out for the individual states, here is Missouri:

And here is Kansas:

From a warning standpoint, it’s the fewest in Kansas since 2000.

Not expecting a lot to change locally into the weekend. There were a few yesterday in northwest Kansas. Today there is a slight risk of severe weather in western Kansas.

Meanwhile out west… the drought worsens. California is going to have themselves quite the situation as the heat gets worse over the summer out there.

They could certainly use some of the rain coming our way over the weekend especially.

There are also some pretty dry conditions this spring in parts of the southeast part of the country as well.

OK that’s it for today… potentially a blog update over the weekend.

The feature photo comes from @FXHex on Twitter.


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