Joe’s Weather Blog: Front coming with a few more rain chances (MON-5/3)


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s Monday and we got to have a pretty nice weekend around here, aside from the gusty winds in the area. Overall though temperatures were nice and mild.

There is a cold front moving our way this morning and that means a change in the milder weather. Today though will be seasonable. The question to the forecast is rain… and that’s a big question. There were some pretty big storms out west last night but they really never got close to the area. The system of storms though did create an upper-level wave (sort of typical more during the summer months) and that has moved into northwest Missouri this morning.

The main issue we’re seeing today is that passage of the front. Then tomorrow we have some rain chances although the rain doesn’t look as overly heavy for the Kansas City area as it appears.

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Today: Lots of clouds with only small rain chances this morning into lunch, especially north of I-70. Later today there may be a few scattered storms well southeast of the Metro. Highs near 70 but then dropping a bit behind the front as the winds increase from the northwest and gust to 25-plus mph.

Tonight: Variable clouds and only a small chance of a few showers towards daybreak. Lows near 50°.

Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy with a few showers in the morning possible. Not an all-day rain it appears. Highs struggle to get to 50°.

Wednesday: Nicer with temperatures well into the 60s.



Sort of a convoluted mess this morning out there but there is one strong feature that will change the weather over the next 12 hours or so and that is the cold front coming into the area.

This front is coming through this morning and we’ll feel the winds as the day moves along switching towards the northwest and gusting to around 30 mph or so.

There may be a few showers/sprinkles with the frontal passage from Kansas City eastwards.

Meanwhile the bigger storms last night in western Kansas fizzled as they moved into central Kansas.

You can see the reports from yesterday below. There were also some pretty bad tornadoes in Mississippi last night too, including Tupelo.

Check out this dramatic video taken from a drone. Sadly for the drone, it got a bit too close and got sucked into the tornado and didn’t make it.

The use of drones with tornado photography is fascinating to me.

Out in western Kansas the winds got to about 85 mph in the bigger storms that sort of hit a brick wall around midnight last night and started to fall apart.

Today’s threat for bigger storms is more towards southeast Missouri than the Kansas City area.

On that subject of severe weather: Once again I want to point out the slow evolution of tornado development in the Plains. The four-state area is still stuck with only about 15 tornado reports this year. And now that May has started we should see an uptick, but at this point I’m not sure when that will happen, because it won’t be this week.

Even a traditional hotbed of tornadoes, Oklahoma, has started the season “quietly” for the most part with only four reports through the end of April.

Let’s add a couple in Nebraska and a few in southern Missouri from last week.

Still though, not too active. As a matter of fact April was one of the “slowest” Aprils since 2000.

Back to our weather…

There remains a chance of us getting some rain tomorrow, then again on Thursday, but at this point there are no setups for severe storms for the this week until at the earliest over the weekend and that is iffy as well. Not that I’m complaining about all this. I know I’ve written a lot about it but I’m very content not having to worry about this facet of Plains weather.

As we know though things could change (and probably will) at some point in time. I can’t imagine we go through the whole month without tornadoes or the threat of them at least in the Kansas City area. That would be two years in a row… that would be something.

Sheila Jackson out towards Harrisonville sent in this shot the other day… wonderful!


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