Joe’s Weather Blog: Here Comes The Chill (And Some Rain) (MON-7/14)

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Happy Monday everybody….

Mother Nature is working on a treat for the KC area…it’s not often that you get this type of airmass dipping into the area…and as of this writing…it’s poised just north of the KC area…but will zip through the region as the day moves along.

I also want to mention that I’ll be on vacation this week…so the blogs will be somewhat irregular.  I’ll update this forum several times though because, well you know me and my passion for the weather and the blog :).

Actually aside from the coolness and a wrinkle here or there (see THU), there may not be a lot to write about that I haven’t already a dozen times I think!


Rest of today: Despite the bright start, clouds will move in fast this morning and there is rain in SE NE moving this way. Temperatures should max out around 80 or so later this AM…then drop to 70-75° should we have rain in the region, then go back up later today when the sunshine returns. So a small rollercoaster for today it appears. Highest rain chances are from 10AM-2PM I think before the activity slides away and we settle into a great evening.

Tonight: Record breaking cool weather expected with north winds decreasing overnight. Lows 50-55° with some 40s likely elsewhere. It’s not out of the question we can drop into the 40s @ KCI as well…the ALL-time record low for July is in play (51°-1997).

Tomorrow: Should be really nice with highs 70-75° through the region.


I’m not sure how much more I can write that I haven’t already. Please refer back to the previous blogs with regard to the records and how unusual this airmass is for the Plains especially. Looking into the Lakes region…some of those records are in the 30s…not sure they will drop that low…but a few places map.

It’s been an interesting year for records around this area…here is a rundown on the number of records set thus far in 2014…these numbers will go up on the “low” side over the next few days potentially.

Meanwhile as we make the transition…we should see some rain as mentioned at the top of the blog…here is a look at the NWS from Pleasant Hill so you have an idea of what’s moving into the region.


You can certainly see the clouds moving into the area via the first visible images of the day…


Temperatures behind the front are chilly for sure…here are the 7AM numbers (in RED) across the N Plains region…there are quite a few 40s up there and on the assumption we have clear skies and the winds drop off overnight…I do think those cool temperatures are very much in play for KCI at least…


So now it’s only a question of how cool the lows will be in terms of the record potential in the area. Also it’ll be interesting to see how many records are broken and where…perhaps favoring the Plains and corn belt region more than the Lakes area…we’ll see.

That’s it for today…have a great day…remember the umbrella if you’re heading out and hopefully you’re air conditioner will get a nice break…I wonder when we’ll add more to this…look at 2009…that’s sort of the pace we’re on I think…




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