Joe’s Weather Blog: Looking back at snow through the decades (TUE-12/31)

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First of all Happy New Year…and thanks so much for reading my weather blogs over the past few decades. I forget when I started this blog…late 90s I think…and my goodness all the words…so anyway I hope 2020 is a good one for you and your loved ones.

The weather locally has been fascinating this past year for all the good and bad reasons. We usually get it all here in the Plains and this past year was no exception to that. I recorded a podcast with meteorologist Michelle Bogowith about the year in review. That should be posted today or tomorrow and will be the core of the next blog coming…either today or tomorrow.

I’m still watching for the snow potential on Friday…it would be a rain>mix>snow scenario if it pans out…one of those sloppy type snows…so we’ll see where we are with the temperatures on Friday as the system evolves.

  • Forecast: 

Today: Fair to partly cloudy skies…should be overall OK with highs in the 40° range

Tonight: Mostly clear and chilly with lows in the 20s

Tomorrow: Sunny, windy and warm with highs 55-60°

Thursday: Increasing clouds with some mist/drizzle developing later in the day/evening…highs in the 45-50° range.

  • Discussion:

I thought I’d start this blog looking at what I talked about last night on the weathercasts…a look back on the snow by decade here in KC.

Since we’re starting a new decade tomorrow…

This decade we’ve had 164″ of snow…or close to about 13 feet worth!

Sometimes snow lovers get frustrated with our “lack” of snow in KC…and I’m one of them…actually I’m starting to feel that frustration building back up again because aside from maybe something on Friday…there isn’t a lot to get too excited about.

Anyway…for the last 3 decades we’ve actually been trending up somewhat when it comes to snow totals. Very variable obviously.

It should be noted that this is a total of JAN>DEC yearly totals and not OCT>APR totals which is typically a snow “season” if you will. This just looks at it per year.

My goodness look back to the 1960s.

That could be why many have these strong memories of the way it “used” to snow around here. IF you’re in your 50s or 60s you remember your childhood and perhaps the snow memories. Well back in the 60s we had quite a bit of snow while you were growing up.

The children of the 1990s don’t have those same memories as often because  that decade we had “only” 136″ of snow…still over 10 feet but not as much as before or after.

As far as the weather goes for the next few days…tomorrow should be fantastic…windy but great and a good day to take down the lights while you can still sort of feel your fingers.

Mid 50s for highs with some upside is a good thing to start the year.

Thursday we should see a rapid increase in low level moisture and that will slow the temperatures from reaching their full potential…some mist or drizzle is possible as well.

As far as Friday goes…

It’s actually a pretty good little wave coming out…the issue is that we’ll be above freezing at the surface and aloft for awhile as it’s moving through the region…then by Friday morning we’ll see how much lift we have left as the storm is starting to zip past the region…things may not sync up correctly for us to get much of an accumulation…but it’s worth watching because like I said it’s a pretty good wave coming through.

Our feature photo today comes from Carla Maley Skiles out in Greeley, KS…a stunner from last night!


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