Joe’s Weather Blog: Now a warm-up coming and rain too! (WED-1/27)

Picture of ruler in snow reading 2 inches

The snow system worked out well…with accumulations running anywhere from 1/2″ to 2″+ or so. There might be a few areas out towards Clay County that have seen close to 3″.

Clouds will rule the day and probably a bit of the night as well. Temperatures will remain cold with readings today in the 20s. We’ll see how much we drop off tonight. IF we clear out, we could tank to near 10° but I’m not sure we’ll clear out.

Another strong wet system comes this way on Saturday. That appears to be a very wet, but not white, day. Temperatures will warm up nicely with readings in the 40s.

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Today: Cloudy with lingering flurries ending. Temperatures in the mid to upper 20s.

Tonight: Cloudy with lows in the mid teens to 20°.

Thursday: Gradual clearing with highs in the mid 30s.

Friday: Getting better but windy with highs near 50°.



It’s really not even worth talking about…so there was some snow….and as usual it didn’t amount to anything too significant. Observations are in the up to 2+” range it appears and the higher totals are on the north and northeast side of the KC Metro.

Milder days are coming into the start of the weekend…the thing holding us back for now though will be clouds as this cold air mass slowly starts to work away from the region, but it will hold on tight as long as the clouds are around.

The satellite loop this late morning shows the clouds breaking in northern Missouri at least.

We’ll see how far south that clearing line gets today and tonight especially.

I have a sneaky suspicion that the clouds are going to be tougher to get rid of locally while areas east of the Metro see more stars overnight. Then the issue becomes how well and fast do the clouds clear out tomorrow. They may hang around a bit in the morning at least.

The next system is a doozy out across the western U.S. An “atmospheric river” has set up. This refers to a feed of sub-tropical moisture that persistently slams into the coastal areas out west. You can see the moisture feed coming ashore and it means business.

This feed of moisture goes all the way down towards off the coast of Hawaii. As it comes ashore, it gets lifted because of the terrain and that enhances the precipitation production.

The end result is close to 10-15″ of moisture along the Sierra range…that is impressive.

Also heavy rains and nasty flooding will be developing towards the coastal areas, especially in areas hit hard by the devastating fires. That is soil that won’t retain moisture because of a variety of factors including a lot of ash still on the ground. So that terrain combined with the heavy rains creates mudslides and almost a slurry-like drainage.

In the higher elevations where the air is colder, this will be snow and a lot of it.

Off the scale amounts over the next 36 hours. Over the next few days…some areas could see 5-8 feet of snow…

Follow the big trough…dip in the jet stream out west…and see how a piece breaks off and moves into the Plains on Sunday.

This system will tug up a lot of mild air into the region at the surface and aloft on Friday and Saturday. As a matter of fact more than 2 times the typical moisture for late January will be in the atmosphere on Saturday when that system comes towards the area.

So that system will have a lot of juice to work with. Odds favor over 1/2″ of rain, with some data showing over 1″ of moisture with this, so a wet Saturday expected with temperatures in the 40s.

Then colder air will wrap in behind the system but the air won’t be overly cold. Since this is a Pacific system and it’s not tapping any real Canadian air, whatever cooling we get on Sunday will be fleeting it appears before we warm up again early next week.

There are some signs of another snow system later next week. We’ll see…but it appears that we will turn colder with another significant Plains storm later next week.

There are signs down the road…that instead of a big dip in the jet stream off the west coast…there will be the opposite…a ridge. IF that happens that could open the door to more Canadian and perhaps fleeting arctic air masses to come south. We’ll see about that.

The feature photo comes from Patrick Dykes up in Utica, Mo…2″ of snow there from this system.


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