Joe’s Weather Blog: Snow is real…so is the cold (MON-11/12)

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As usual a little snow and untreated roads go a long ways to create traffic headaches. The overnight snow wasn’t really that much of a factor…the rush hour snow…especially on the south side is a bigger factor and have contributed to a bunch of Monday crashes. Monday is tough enough…add in some crashes and it turns into a traffic mess out there.

In many instances the roads are just wet…but where the snow rates pick up for a bit…there are slick areas out there so be careful this morning needless to say.


Today: Snowy morning with a dusting to about 2-3″ or so in the Metro…with near 3+” amounts possible farther south of the I-70 corridor. Cold with wind chills in the teens and temperatures today not going far at all.

Tonight: Clearing out and nasty cold with lows down to about 7°. The speed of clearing is going to dictate how cold it gets. IF the clouds hang tough…we won’t be as cold..and if the winds stay up…that will keep temperatures from going into a freefall as well…but also contribute to lower wind chill factors.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny and cold with high in the low>mid 30s

Wednesday: Getting better with highs well into the 40s…maybe near 50°


Snow is out there…and the roads are slick in spots but overall untreated roads are in worse shape than treated roads. Lots of wet roads out there, at least on the main arteries…

Here is a look at radar…

Temperatures are in the mid 20s on the northside…so it’s tough to imagine us warming up all that much today.

The decent snow rates are going to wind down sooner rather than later…so overall the forecast of a dusting to 2″ seems like it should work out just fine.

Colder air is pouring southwards…that is denoted in the surface map below with the temperatures in RED…

Here is a look at the HRRR model showing the timing of the end of the flakes…

Can we warm up? Well it will get better for a few days this week…Wednesday will be in the 40s…then there is Thursday.

Thursday is a tricky day from a temperature standpoint…there is going to be an upper level storm towards the OH Valley region. The circulation of that storm will be a key in either 1) keeping somewhat cooler air in the region…or 2) IF it’s weaker and farther east…allow milder air to spread into the Plains. IF the answer is number 2…we’re easily into the 60s. IF it’s #1 we may only be in the 50s.

So that is a forecast that is changeable…

Another shot of colder weather is likely over the weekend…and send temperatures down as well. So a bit more of an up and down week coming our way…

Be careful out there…

Our feature photo comes from Laura Crawford…it was taken in Hermann, MO

Stay warm my friends…


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