Joe’s Weather Blog: Snow Update This Season

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So here it is…windy and warm again. Temperatures are in the 60s now…

So what better time, considering that there are record highs falling in parts of the Plains states…to catch you up on some snow totals thus far this season and comparing things to average through today’s date and last years totals through today’s date.

There are about 50 cities through the Plains and OH Valley to choose from. I only choose the cities that had the data readily available on their climate statements. For example…Denver, CO is a pain in the you know what to compare snow seasons…I can tell you they’ve had 14.3″ of snow…whereas last year through January they had 27.8″

ScreenHunter_21 Jan. 19 14.44

Here are a few more…click on both these images to make them larger!

ScreenHunter_22 Jan. 19 14.45


Couple of take-aways…I posted some thoughts on twitter earlier…

Indianapolis is doing very well with the snow situation this month…

Significant differences in the state of MI as well compared to last year.

For the Plains…it doesn’t look to good over the next 10 days…here is a look at the EURO model forecast through the 30th…some indications we may have something going on in early FEB…we’ll see through.

ScreenHunter_23 Jan. 19 15.03

Have a great day! 60s in mid-January…we’ll take it!


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