Joe’s Weather Blog: Sort of getting into a familiar summer pattern (THU-7/2)

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Good morning…clouds will again occupy the skies around the area this morning while gradually thinning out in the afternoon Temperatures are going to be in the upper 80s to lower 90s for the foreseeable future it appears…which is basically where they should be for the early part of July.

In other words…seasonable weather for the next 5 days…through the holiday weekend it appears. Seasonable also means that there may be some random storms as well. Impossible to predict the location of these around the region but there are going to be something out there every so often in the heat of the afternoon.

Today those storms are down towards the SW of the region…also of note, while typical of the summer…dew points are going to make things feel typically humid around here as well for awhile. Perhaps a small dew point break on Saturday.



Today: Variable clouds and seasonably warm with highs 85-90°

Tonight: Fair skies and mild with lows in the 70-75°

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy and hot with highs near 90°

This weekend: No changes. A few isolated storms are possible.



We’re sort of going into a mundane weather pattern. Nothing too exciting expected but by the same time there will be various clusters of storms in the eastern KS and western MO area. Where and when they form are impossible to predict with any accuracy. There will be tendencies for storms though to form in certain areas and we’ll take that day by day.

Here is a look at radar this morning…

The thing though is when it rains…it could really rain. Some localized flooding will be a concern with some of the downpours…here is a look this morning at doppler rainfall estimates. Doppler will tend to underestimate the rain in these downpour scenarios.

8:30 AM Doppler estimates

Summer is settling into the area…heat advisories are in effect for a broad swath of the southern Plains including areas a bit closer to home.

Graphic via Pivotal Weather

As we settle into summer…tornadoes start to become fewer and fewer. There are weird exceptions though. Yesterday in western KS…one of the more photogenic tornadoes of the season formed.

May was relatively “quiet”…and so was June when it comes to tornadoes. There were only 6 tornado watches nationwide and only 50 tornadoes.

There were also a record low in EF2 or higher tornadoes.

I don’t think many are complaining except for the storm chasers who really haven’t had too much activity to search for this season. I know I’m not complaining.

That doesn’t mean we’re done with tornadoes for the year though. We’ve seen tornadoes locally in July before…I think it was last year or the year before that there was a tornado around the Lake Latawana area in July. They can still happen…and there typically are other risks that develop into the fall season.

OK that’s it for today…short blog but we’re sort of in weather no mans land for now. Not a lot to talk about really…or write about. Our feature photo is from Tedd Scofield (@teddscofield)

The moon is full over the weekend and there is a penumbral lunar eclipse. This isn’t a big deal though…the full bright moon may look just a pinch grayer but odds are you won’t notice it much at all.


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