Joe’s Weather Blog: Storm Moving Away This Morning

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5AM Update:

The sleet and snow now has just about wrapped up on the  from the State Line westwards as the system and the associated lift is quickly moving towards the NE of the metro. We ended up with a barely 1″ here at teh station of 60% sleet and maybe 40% snow accumulations. We did have about 30 min of mostly snow on the tail end of the precipitation.

Clouds will linger today and there may be occasional freezing mist this AM. We’ll clear out tonight and enjoy sunshine tomorrow. Chilly weather though will last all week, and IF we don’t get above 32° on Monday, we may stay below 32° for around 8 straight days (inc. yesterday).

I will write a new blog as we focus on the system for Tuesday. That one looks much more impressive and probably all snow for the area assuming it goes where I think the storm tracks.

Watch the roads…I had few issues a couple of hours ago…but then again there were only about 30 other vehicles out there with me. Be careful and let the road crews get their jobs done safely…for you and them!

The snowfall potential index number today is based on the system for Tuesday


Well I had a feeling I would wake up when the sleet starting pinging at the windows…so here it is before 1AM and a moderate sleet storm is in progress right now with some heavier snows falling north of the I-70 corridor across N MO. It appears as of 1AM or so via FB comments that the snow/sleet line is in far N KC up towards 152 and 169 highways and near KCI which was reporting heavy snow. IF KCI doesn’t change over in the next 2 hours…they won’t switch at all. Amazing and so close. Nerve-racking, annoying and cool all at the same time…from a meteorological standpoint at least ;)

The mixed bag of snow for areas north of downtown and sleet for most other areas will continue for the next few hours at a decent to heavy rate. This will be a nice little snowstorm for areas north of KC as mentioned all day. This will be a sleet storm for the areas getting sleet now. Interesting to note that it’s often difficult in a constantly changing atmosphere to maintain sleet for hours on end…but tonight is one of those nights.

So it appears this could be a snowstorm from Leavenworth to Weston to Kearney and northwards and a sleet storm elsewhere with freezing rain a couple of counties south of KC from near Linn Co, KS to Clinton, MO.

More before daybreak.


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