Joe’s Weather Blog: Summer Settles In (TUE 6/24)

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Good morning…overall a rather bland look to the weather pattern in the KC area for the time being, but in it’s blandness there are still opportunities for additional rainfall, once again there are major questions how things play out and typically the model data will not be very helpful in trying to figure out the specifics and the details.


Rest of today: Overall not a bad summer day although with the extra sunshine we should warm-up more compared to yesterday with relatively light winds. Highs today should be in the the middle 80s.

Tonight: Fair skies and muggy with lows in the 60s.

Wednesday: At this point I’m expecting a mixture of clouds/sunshine with highs in the 80s once again. We’ll need to watch for various ripples in the flow and whether or not one of them could interact with some building heat and humidity and give us some rain so the chances are there…but it depends a lot on whether or not a disturbance will be able to track across KS and stay intact. Should that occur we may have lots of trash clouds keeping temperatures a little cooler.


Quick blog today to talk a bit about what I touched on over the weekend in terms of the difference so far this year in the number of days with highs 90° or above between KCI and the Downtown Airport.

I wanted to take a look back and just randomly selected the last 6 years, including this one, comparing the two locations…I sent out these tweets yesterday. The 1st one pertains to the data from KCI which is the official reporting station overall for the KC area.

Now take a look at the same data, except located at the Downtown Airport.

Now let’s qualify the data for both locations…the data for this year is through yesterday but the data for the other years is throughout the year as a whole so obviously the numbers for this year will pale in comparison so far.

Now it’s not unusual to see a large discrepancy between the two locations…obviously with KCI being in the outskirts of a major metropolitan area, it’s not nearly as vulnerable to the pavement/building concerns as the Downtown Airport is…

Think though about our downtown airport…it really isn’t as surrounded by buildings/heat generators as some other airports in major metropolitan areas. It’s located in somewhat of a river valley as well with the meandering MO River flowing along it’s outskirts.

Now as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog…there have been numerous days this year that KCI was either 88 or 89° so they’ve been close.

What about 100°+ days…here is the comparison for 2009-2014.

Year         KCI       Downtown

2009         0                     1

2010         3                     7

2011         6                    12

2012       20                   22

2013         1                      2

2014         0                      0

I bring all this up because indications are that as we head towards the weekend/next week may tack on more 90s not only in Downtown KC but also up at KCI as well.

Finally I wanted to share with you a tweet I saw yesterday that linked to some interesting and once again dramatic tornado video…except this time, in addition to the usual close stuff…there were several camera probes placed in the path of the storm…and the tornado apparently got very close to said probes…pretty cool perspective.





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