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The cold front that I was hoping for to crack the back of the nasty heat and humidity is slowly working through the region. Lower dew points (more comfortable air) are also going to slowly move through the region over the next 24 hours so you should notice an improvement in the 1) temperatures and 2) comfort levels of the weather in the region through tomorrow.


Today: Variable clouds with fading AM showers. Temperatures should be in the 80s today. Slowly dropping dew points in the afternoon hours.

Tonight: Fair skies and cooler with lows down into the mid 60s

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy and overall a nice (seasonable) day with highs near 90°


Glad to see some areas getting somewhat needed rainfall this morning. I was expecting a fading area of rain to move through the region and that’s what happened. Storms were a bit beefier on the northside in terms of rain totals while on the south side they lost a lot of their oompf. Here are the rain total estimates from doppler radar…good rain fell north and west of the I-35 corridor it appears.









KCI picked up 1.34″ of rainfall…downtown KC .26″…Olathe .35″…Lees Summit: .32″ and Lawrence .73″

With all the heat over the past few days and a lack of rainfall…the grass needed a good drink of water. Our monthly total is now almost 7″ or so…pretty darn impressive.

It does appear that we should be drier now over the next few days or so. Areas SW of KC may have some rain lingering (SE KS) into the evening however at times.

Couple of things to point out this morning….1) there is somewhat cooler air moving into the region today. With clouds in play for awhile, temperatures may struggle a bit this morning…notice the anomalies this morning through the Plains states. Click on the graphic below to make it more readable…there are some 20°+ below average temperatures moving through the western Plains region where temperatures this morning are in the upper 40s!







The other aspect is the drier air (lower dew points) moving into and through the Plains region.







Notice the higher dew point air this morning across the area…and the lower dew point air in NE. Some of that will slowly move through the region thanks to eventually N/NE surface winds. It won’t hang around for long though as S/SW winds will again start to increase the humidity beginning Thursday night into Friday.

We will be in NW flow aloft heading through the weekend. As I mentioned yesterday, there are now strong disturbances heading towards us at this point through Saturday. Need to watch Saturday >Tuesday. NW flows are notorious for suddenly getting sneaky rains moving through at least parts of the region…so I’ll keep my guard up for sure. It certainly won’t rain each day…but a weak disturbance or two may slip through at least parts of the area…creating some showers/t-storms in at least parts of the region.

That’s it for today…overall not a bad summer forecast for a few days and we’ve, for now, broken the back of the worst of the summer heat.


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