Joe’s Weather Blog: Wind/Warmth And A Minor Chill

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Our temperatures so far this month are running 3° below average. There have certainly been some pretty darn chilly days in there, especially on the 12th with our average for the day was more than 20° below average. Here we are now in the middle of the month, with only 2 weeks to go before meteorological winter starts…and yet for whatever reason, to me at least, it just doesn’t feel that bad out there.

This AM our low was 40° which is above average for mid November. For the next several days we should be mild for mid November. The issue for today, for at least some areas is this pesky cloud cover that has developed, mainly affecting the south side of the region as the latest visible satellite picture will show for the AM hours at least.

It seems as if, at least as of this writing, most of the clouds are from I-35 southeastwards. I hate these types of days because half the viewing are is getting one thing, while the other half is getting another. Makes things tricky.

There were some showers well SE of the metro overnight, but nothing is showing up on radar now.

Our cold front is going to move through the area later tomorrow night into Sunday AM. Ahead of the front we should have some strong south winds of 30-40 MPH. There is a chance that should we get some more sunshine tomorrow we could see some wind gusts even stronger than that, because there are some stronger winds above the surface that will be blowing through. The extra sunshine would allow more mixing of the air, promoting additional winds. Clouds though may prevent that from happening. We should still warm up well into the 60s, if not into the lower 70s during the afternoon.

The potential for at least a brief period of scattered showers still is there between daybreak and lunch, but the afternoon should be fine, but windy.

after the front moves through on SUN AM, temperatures will stagnate with readings SUN PM in the mid-upper 50s with a good west wind blowing.

The air behind the front is not particularly cold for November and temperatures on Monday should be near 50° again with an area of high pressure right on top of us reducing the mixing potential and giving us lighter winds again. We should moderate a bit more TUE/WED before some sort of cold front moves through next THU/FRI. at this point it doesn’t appear likely that there will be a significant (precip producing) storm around here for at least the next 5-7 days. After that who knows as my confidence in where we go for Thanksgiving week is still non-existent. Again there should be some very cold air in Canada just sitting there.

Finally while this front will not really give us much rainfall…folks to the east of here will likely have more, and that also means the potential for severe weather including tornados in the OH Valley region on Sunday. Could be interesting because some NFL games are slated there and I wonder if weather could be problematic for some of them. Here are the thoughts from the SPC…

Something that I will be watching for for the end of the weekend.

For those interested in the weather out in Denver…they will be near 60° tomorrow and near 50° Sunday afternoon. There is also a chance of some light rain or snow or both Saturday night with lows near 30°. Sunday night for the game should be fine and cool with a gametime temperature near 35° and dropping into the 20s during the game. It will be dry.

Have a great Friday and be on the lookout for my winter research project over the weekend on the blog.


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