Joe’s Weather World: A couple of more speed bumps (FRI-9/11)


As I start this blog temperatures are in the mid 50s up at KCI. IF we don’t get to 60° up there today this will be the 1st time we have 3 under 60° days in the 1st half of September. Back in 1989 we had 2 days…this would be the 3rd (if it happens). I think we may get into the 60s this afternoon…but the north side will be a push.

Additional light rain will develop in the area this afternoon, amounts should be under 1/4″ for most in the KC Metro area. Clouds will linger though, and if there are breaks later today or tonight fog will develop.

There is another chance of rain/storms tomorrow later in the day or in the evening…and that should do it. From there on we look to enjoy some delightful late summer weather for most of next week it appears.



Today: Cloudy/drizzle/mist with showers in the afternoon. Highs in the lower 60s

Tonight: Any breaks in the clouds will fill in again with fog possible before daybreak. Steady temperatures in the upper 50s

Tomorrow: The clouds/fog may linger for awhile in the morning then partly cloudy and not as cool with highs in the upper 70s. Storm chances increase with a weak front coming into the area after 4PM or so. The storm risk will fade after 9-10PM.

Sunday: Nice with sunshine and mid>upper 70ss



It’s been a pretty blah week around here…50s for afternoon highs for 3 straight days but there are better changes coming into the weekend so that’s nice.

It’s been interesting that while we’ve been so cool (by early September standards) areas in southern MO and SE MO have remained hot. Yesterday and the day before temperatures in SEMO have been in the 90s. So summer is not that far away…even the Lakes region has mostly been in the 80s. So it’s close but yet still a 3 hour drive away.

The 9AM surface map shows the 2 seasons…

So it’s really not that far away…and as we head into the next week we’ll see a moderation of temperatures around here.

Today will feature though more showers…there will be additional light rain mostly, developing as the day moves along. Some extra lift the to the air will be moving in from the southwest this afternoon and with such a saturated atmosphere it won’t take that much to create areas of rain.

Then tomorrow the upper level storm will be moving through the upper Midwest. A cold front will be on the moves as well. It’s a weak front but it may be strong enough to spark some renewed rain in the evening especially that would move through before 10PM. Beyond that though, aside from perhaps a couple of mornings with some fog…things look pretty nice heading towards next week as temperatures recover nicely.

The EURO model shows this into next week…

Aside from probably being too high today…it’s overall not a bad look really and there should be a lot of sunshine as well. So nice weather coming.

Oh and since Denver, CO has been in the weather news…by the way they had 3 straight mornings of tying their record lows…this is their forecast for the next 10 days off the EURO model at least…

So yeah it seems things are getting back to normal again to some extent.

That’s it for today and the weekend I think…have a great next few days and enjoy the nicer weather over the weekend.

Our feature photo comes from Sheila Jackson from last weekend.


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