Joe’s Weather World: All quiet for KC aside from some smoke (THU-9/17)


Another cold front came through the area yesterday…and there was a scent of smoke in the air as it happened. This was reminiscent of the “agricultural” smell to the air back in November. Remember that? A front came down from IA/NE and the air smelled like…poop!

Last night the same sort of thing happened except there was a tremendous amount of smoke in the air up to the north of here…as the front came down some smoke got caught in that and was transported down to KC…hence the smokey smell instead of the “other” smell.

Aside from that though…dry weather is expected for awhile. It may be another week or longer before rain enters the forecast…maybe by the end of the month…and even that isn’t set in stone.



Today: Mostly sunny with smokey skies and highs in the mid 70s

Tonight: Clear and pleasant with lows closer to 50°

Tomorrow: Nice…lower 70s

The weekend: Nice…low>mid 70s.



In all honesty…not a lot happening around these parts…for awhile. Dry spells in the late summer and early fall aren’t uncommon. As a matter of fact…I have no real research on this but it seems to be more of a “thing” these last 10 years or so. At least that is my perception of things.

The weather is typically the best around here from the September 10th through about the middle of October…or at least that is what I tell people…you usually have that perfect combination of mild days and cool nights!

So that goes on for the foreseeable future.

I’m seeing some rather strong looking cold fronts down the road as we transition from summer to fall in the world of weather. The jet stream is showing a bit more strength next week which should lead to stronger storms down the road…and stronger fronts.

We’ll see about all of that though…sometimes what looks like a strong front in the early fall isn’t that strong as we get closer to the time it’s supposed to arrive.

Meanwhile clean-up continues in the southeast part of the country. Rain amounts were hefty with the slow arrival of Sally. The 3 day totals ending at 7AM this morning look like this via CoCoRAHs

Sally has fallen apart as a “system” but is still producing some impressive rains.

Some locally heavy rains are expected as you might think.

Forecast rain totals

There are other tropical systems out there…including Teddy which may threaten Bermuda at some point.

Bermuda is sort of still cleaning up after Paulette…so that would be the last thing they would need.

Odds are this mess in the Gulf will become Wilfred over the weekend.

That will do it regarding the “normal” named storms on the list. From there we move into the Greek alphabet.

That hasn’t happened since 2005.

Also of note…there has only been two major hurricanes (111 mph+) thus far out of the 20 named storms I believe. Laura and Teddy.

A busy season and that was the forecast by many to start the season…and more to come I’m sure.

I’ll be taking a couple of days off…so no blogs again till Tuesday or Wednesday of next week…nothing really to talk about anyway for the time being.


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