Joe’s Weather World: An Icy Friday (FRI-4/3)


My goodness what a change…we’ve gone from 70°+ weather to freezing rain with some thunder mixed in as I start this blog. The overwhelming cold air has inundated the region…the timing was even faster last night…coming in before 12AM…and we’ve dropped some 35° in the last 10 years (as of this writing).

The difference in temperatures today will be ugly compared to yesterday. Some 35° colder. With the winds…wind chills will be in the teens and 20s.

It will get better over the weekend.



Today: Freezing rain with some rumbles of thunder as well. Cold and dreary. Wind chills near 20°. Just a nasty day.

Tonight: Clearing skies and cold. Lows in the mid>upper 20s. The record low is 17° in 2018

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny and cool with highs in the low>mid 50s

Sunday: Milder…pretty nice with highs in the 60s



Well I knew this was going to be an ugly day…Mother Nature is outdoing herself.

The cold was expected…30° this morning is even colder than expected. Yesterday I talked about the potential of some sleet…well we have some freezing rain around the KC area with sleet farther to the west and northwest of KC. Wind chills are in the teens…it’s just miserable out there and it won’t get a lot better today.

See yesterday’s blog for the set-up to today…there is still warm air (comparatively) above us…and above us there is instability in that warm air…so we’re getting bubbles of convection out there.

This is a true cold air dump…look at the 8AM temperatures in red in the map below.

8AM Temperatures

The change from yesterday is just gross.

24 hour temperature change from this time yesterday

IF you go up though to about 5,000 feet…temperatures are close to 50° this morning…so there is rain up there…but it’s falling into a below freezing layer from the ground to about 2-3000 feet or so. The rain drops are too warm to turn into ice pellets right now…so hence the freezing rain (at least in KC). This warmer layer above us is not as warm in NW MO and NE KS…so this is the result.

Just a miserable day…and it won’t get a lot better into the afternoon. There is a freeze waarning in effect for areas just from KC southwards

Counties in purple are under a winter weather advisory

It will get better over the weekend though…although tomorrow morning will be a real cold one…not a record…but one of the coldest 4/4’s we’ve seen. Interestingly it was colder in 2018 (the record).

In that list though are 5 dates with colder extremes this century…interesting.

We’ll start a slow recovery in the afternoon and be back into the 60s on Sunday.

Next week overall is still very mild>warm with occasional rain chances it appears.

It still appears Tuesday has 80° potential.

The end of next week into the following weekend poses some potential freeze issues as we get farther into the growing season. Data has been trending towards some pretty cold weather heading towards mid-month…the new 8-14 day forecast reflects this.

Trending towards higher potential of colder than average temperatures. We’ll see how far south this gets but another 8+ days from now we should have much more advanced vegetation especially with the mild weather coming for a few days next week before this happens.

No blog tomorrow…I may get something together on Sunday…we’ll see.

Oh and every so often I’m answering a video question from a student. FOX 4 Weather is in the process of putting together a School Day At You Home presentation that we hope to have done within the next 10 days or so. More on that soon but IF your student has a weather question…go ahead and record it (horizontal layout if possible) and send it to me on FB…like this one…

I’ll drop these on my FB page every so often as we get some questions.

The feature photo comes from James Kovacs.

2 mating pair of Blue-Winged Teal Ducks.


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