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Happy New Year…this blog is actually more or less being filled with information from the NWS in Pleasant Hill…yesterday they sent out a series of tweets regarding what they thought were the biggest weather events of the decade. I have to admit I forgot a few of these but I’m sure the ones that were affected certainly did not.

As far as our next weather-maker goes…it’s not going to do much for us aside from perhaps a few light showers or snow showers on Friday night…the weekend looks good…seasonable on Saturday and back to near 50° on Sunday.

  • Forecast:

Today: Sunny and mild…windy too. Gusts to 35 MPH with highs in the mid to upper 50s

Tonight: Fair skies and cool with lows in the 30s

Tomorrow: Increasing clouds and mild with highs well into the 40s

Friday: Perhaps a few showers then variable clouds and seasonable with highs near 40°

  • Discussion:

So I really don’t want to dive too much into this thing on Friday…it’s sort of a convoluted mess that won’t end up producing too much for us really.

I do find it interesting that an upper level storm will dig into MO later Friday…and there might be a few snow showers with that but odds favor more towards the MO side east of KC.


Yesterday the NWS in Pleasant Hill came out with some bigger weather events in the decade. These are in no particular order.

I remember this snowstorm…there were thundersnows with it (as a matter of fact I think that winter every significant snow was accompanied by the thundersnow phenomena). It really came down, I 70 was closed in parts of MO and that snow extreme towards the SE of KC…into Pettis county was legit too!

I hate flooding…that is no secret…it’s often a slow drawn out affair that is somewhat tough to cover/explain with details…because it just keeps going. For the folks directly affected…it’s horrendous. Often the slow creep of water upwards with little to nothing that can be done. Then there is the aftermath…with polluted areas…unusable land…crops ruined…just a mess. It affects more people than other violent weather and it seems to be never-ending. This year in particular from a never ending standpoint. Sometimes what happens in other parts of the Plains influences what happens here with higher flood waters because of drainage.

Like I said…I hate flooding.

2011 was a nasty year for severe weather. It seems as if Pettis County is a tornado magnet too…along with Johnson Co on the MO side.

I’m not sure why this event slipped from my memory but seeing the information brought it all back.

That was the real deal for the Oak Grove area…and I always felt the Smithville Lake event was somewhat lost in the shuffle of what happened towards Oak grove. This occurred at night as well…and with it being so early in the season…a lot of folks perhaps weren’t in that frame of mind…

This for obvious reasons…biggest/strongest tornado since the “biggie” back in 2003 in roughly the same area…in 2003 Wyandotte/Platte Co took the hardest hit with a nod to Clay Co as well. This time it was Douglas>Leavenworth region. Platte Co was spared and they are very lucky the supercell was cycling when it went though Platte/Wyandotte area.


I’m not sure I would do an honorable mention on this one…it should be higher up really. It was nasty and the days of 100s were significant. We had baked out the ground so much that we were getting almost desert like humidity levels/dew points. That allowed overnight lows to drop moreso that IF we would’ve had muggier air. Temperatures at night dropped often to the mid>upper 60s. That allowed the city to “cool off” a bit and kept the death toll very low compared to IF the city wouldn’t drop below 80° which is more typical of heat here in the Plains.

Then the drought was broken by the remnants of a hurricane over Labor Day weekend…2-8″ of slow soaking rain fell for a few days…

So there you have it…looking back to 2010-2019.

Finally before we really start the New Year…a look back at 2019 from Meteorologist Michelle Bogowith. I’ll have a podcast with her posted by Friday as we go through some of this…

[protected-iframe id=”736495850618d2a1289762c2f234baca-28016812-27967000″ info=”″ width=”500″ height=”579″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no”]

How about this shot to kick off the new year…via Gary Lundstrom out in  Sedalia, MO

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