Joe’s Weather World: Fires and water (WED-9/16)


Good morning…there hasn’t been a lot to blog about locally lately…but there is still a lot of weather happening and to some extent whats happening elsewhere is affecting our area. There is a lot of smoke in our skies and that has been a recurring theme for more than a few days this year. Whether it was from Canada or the western US…I don’t remember a year with so much smoke.

The smoke has now gotten to the UK and into Europe…and it’s gradually circling the world. Amazing and it just shows the extent and the intensity of what is happening in the western US.

Meanwhile Hurricane Sally intensified last night prior to a morning landfall today in Gulf Shores. Winds increased from 80 to about 105 MPH as the storm was coming ashore. Last night on the news I noticed the better organized eye of the storm taking shape…so it ended up being a strong category 2 hurricane as it made landfall.



Today: Partly cloudy this morning and more sunshine through some smokey skies again this afternoon. Highs in the 80-83° range. Light winds

Tonight: Fair and cooler with lows in the mid 50s

Tomorrow: Nice with highs in the mid 70s

Friday: Great with highs in the low>mid 70s



The feature photo of the day really shows the smoke that has been in our atmosphere lately. So much fire out west has sent this smoke to 20-40,000 feet into the atmosphere…and that has been transported through the country and really through parts of the hemisphere as well.

This is a model forecast of the smoke from this morning…just so extensive.

The fires out west are certainly still going…

More relief though in the form of rain and cooler weather appears likely at least into Oregon by the weekend.

Even yesterday you could see the extent of the smoke. What’s amazing is that there is a storm in the eastern Pacific that has actually entrained the smoke from the western US into it’s circulation.

It appears as the brownish tinge to the picture above.

So that’s the fire…now onto the water.

Hurricane Sally came ashore with landfall at 4:45 AM this morning in Gulf Shores, AL. This is the 8th storm to make landfall in the Continental US this year already…and we’re now moving just past the peak season.

Winds were 105 MPH and the rain + surge + flooding has been really bad. Already some reports of close to 25″ of rain have been received and they’re not done yet.

This is the type of rain that occurs roughly once every 100-150 years…and perhaps longer when this is all said and done.

Widespread 12″…to close to 25″ have been reported so far.

Here are some rain totals…over the past 48 hours ending at 7AM this morning.

Sally is the 4th hurricane to make landfall this year in the US…because of the location of landfall…in Gulf Shore…the water actually sort of drained out of Mobile Bay…it went down 5 feet while coming up in Pensacola…it went up about 5 feet.

Oh and look at all these systems…Teddy may become a category 4 hurricane at some point.

You can see Vicky out there…there is only one conventional name left…that’s Wilfred…then we’re on to the Greek lettering system

The last time we got into the Greek letters was 2005…we got to Zeta!

Back home into KC…well it’s boring actually, aside from the smoke and the clouds. No rain is expected for quite some time it appears. We may have to wait till the middle of next week for anything to really get fired up about and we’ll certainly need it by then

Overall some very pleasant weather with cool mornings and nice afternoons featuring low huidity appears to be on tap for the area.

Our feature photo comes from Everet Newport and really helps to show the combination of smoke and cirrus clouds.


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