Joe’s Weather World: Heat Wave Alert for KC + Barry update (SAT-7/13)

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Good Saturday to you…the weekend looks pretty typical for the KC region with temperatures near 90° and dew points around 70°. That is overall rather seasonable for this area. Our weather is likely to remain uneventful for days on end. The only forecast issue is the progress of Barry which is towards southern LA to start the weekend. In time though it will come up through LA into AR…then curl through MO. The issue is do we get to see some cooling from clouds/less hot air being brought up from the south. If yes…then maybe we get a few degrees drop off MON or TUE…if not…we keep getting hotter.

  • Forecast:

Today: Mostly sunny and hot with highs near 90°

Tonight: Clear and seasonable with lows near 70°

Sunday: Mostly sunny and hot with highs near 90°

Monday: Partly cloudy and seasonable with highs in the upper 80s. There may be a few showers/storms towards the SE of the Metro

  • Discussion:

It’s been a fun week of talking about the weather on the air. Between the weirdness of Barry and it’s life cycle…remember this started out as clusters of thunderstorms in the Plains on July 3rd and then became a full fledged disturbance on the 4th on top of the KC region…

I called it the Zombie storm because it came back from the dead as it moved off the coast of the SE part of the country. It was fun to talk about though…

Then we got into the whole New Orleans thing…and why they’re so vulnerable to flooding because of the high Mississippi River levels (which now won’t go any higher so they’re good from River flooding at least)…it was a fun week to talk about the weather in other places on the air locally at least.

As far as Barry goes…still it’s huffing and puffing along…barely moving…and just now upgraded to a hurricane at 10AM

Here’s radar for New Orleans…which through this morning at least hasn’t had a lot of rain in the last 2 days…and in the end may not get as much rain as some feared earlier in the week

The worst of the rain today has been towards Mobile, AL>Gulfport, MS

Later today the worst of the rain will be more towards south-central LA. Here is a look at the HRRR model showing the amount of rain forecast through 2AM Sunday…

Winds with Barry have gusted to 80 MPH off shore at some of the oil rig locations…but these reports typically come from instruments more towards the top of the rigs some 20+ stories above the ground so they aren’t true surface winds (there can be a difference)…but regardless there are still some strong winds with Barry.

It by no means is a classic looking hurricane this morning.

So Barry will in time make it’s way into MO early next week…it remains to be seen IF we can get some of the cooler air in the atmosphere connected to Barry far enough into our area to drop the highs a few degrees. It is possible though for Monday and maybe Tuesday.

While this happens…some serious heat will be building to our west…and this heat will come into the region starting Wednesday…and it’s going to get hot and fast. Data today shows temperatures a few thousand feet above us close to 90° for the middle and end of the week into the next weekend. This would support highs well into the 90s with maybe some areas nudging 100°.

The green terrain will play some role in keeping us in the 90s…but we’re going to be percolating I think…and I’m not sure when it will 1) cool down again and 2) see widespread rain again.

The EURO model seems to be running a bit hot but the ensembles show these temperature trends…

Again maybe 100°+ is a push (maybe not for some areas though)…but you see the reason why I think we may see a somewhat prolonged period of heat locally.

The rain situation is problematic and getting worse across northern MO…as the EURO shows through the next 10 days

That look is not good for the farmers with the delayed crops needing some rain.

FWIW…the GFS tries to do something towards the last week of the month.

Hot and dry though till then.

Our feature photo of the blog comes from ‎Tarah Wilson Kent‎  out in Bucyrus, KS.


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