Joe’s Weather World: Mild weather through Christmas (THU-12/19)


Nice to be back from vacation…the weather has made another turn and it’s too bad we still have some residual snow out there…especially on the south side of the Metro…IF we didn’t have this snow..we’d be approaching 65° today. Alas we should be about 15-20° off that mark with the lingering snow…but it will help melt what we have out there and tomorrow that melting will continue as well.

Overall there isn’t a lot happening in our area for awhile…we should see a transition to colder weather after Christmas into the last week of the year although no dramatically cold weather is expected for some time as the true arctic air will remain locked into northern Canada and northwards towards the arctic region for the foreseeable future.

  • Forecast:

Today: Mostly sunny and milder with highs well into the 40s…

Tonight: Fair skies and not too cold with lows in the 30s

Friday: Partly cloudy and mild with well into the 40s

Saturday/Sunday: Milder…50s appear possible…perhaps close to 60°

  • Discussion:

I’m back from vacation and there really isn’t a lot of weather to talk about…

It’s going to be mild…for awhile it appears…don’t color me shocked if we get a day or two near or above 60°.

Winter starts on Saturday as well…Mother Nature is sort of oh hum about that.

This is the 6-10 day forecast…

That is not too exciting snow lovers…

Now the 8-14 day forecast taking us into the start of the New Year…

We’ll probably see some sort of transition later in the year to a colder/seasonable regime.

The maps today though are warm…and when I see this for Christmas eve eve…Monday at 6PM…temperature anomalies…with all this red…

and then this heading towards NEXT Saturday…

That’s NOT a cold look for us…but it sure is for Alaska!

This is part of the weather ying and yang. We talk about this often…when we’re in the deep freeze…Alaska is milder that average…then they are in the deep freeze…we can be mild here in the central and eastern US.

Well they will be in the deep freeze for awhile it appears.

Here is the forecast for Fairbanks…

That’s a lot of minus 20s and near minus 30° high temperatures!

If we do a snapshot in time for Christmas Day…and go up to about 5,000 feet or so…and inspect the various air masses that are out there in the hemisphere…you can see the true cold/arctic air is bottled up towards far northern Canada and towards the Hudson’s Bay area.

There will be some sort of system towards the end of the year…that may bring us some rain…perhaps switching over to snow before the New Year.

Aside from that though…not a lot happening here in the States for awhile…that will work out well for those traveling towards the Holidays…especially Christmas and around Christmas.

There may be some rain though after Christmas into NEXT weekend.

Meanwhile in Australia…

and this…not sure about the accuracy of that…but possible…

Well I can’t think of much else right now to write about…and with this pattern at hand…irregular blogs are going to be published through the Holidays…I’ll try and cobble something together tomorrow.

Our feature photo comes from Sharon Griff Holloway‎ of yesterday’s freezing fog in the morning.


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