Joe’s Weather World: More storms and severe weather risks…then stifling humidity (FRI-8/16)

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It’s Friday…and it’s been a weird last couple of days in the area. Some parts of the region got pounded by an August outbreak of severe storms…tornadoes in parts of KS…baseball size hail in NE KS…near 80 MPH winds at Whiteman AFB and 70+ mph winds in the Liberty area in the middle of the night…through in some 2-near 5″ rain amounts and the last 24 hours have been busy. Some areas barely got a drop of rain…and for those who want some rain…we’ll try again tonight into early Saturday.

In time this moisture will be turning into stifling humidity and that is on tap for a couple of days early next week. Tuesday will be close to 95° with heat index values soaring to 105°+. Thankfully it will be only a couple of days worth as again strong signs point to another cooldown towards the middle of next week…maybe more big storms in that transition too?

  • Forecast:

Today: Variable clouds and cooler than average with highs in the lower 80s

Tonight: Storms will again re-fire later this evening…severe weather will be possible including winds/hail and flooding rains. Lows in the 60s

Saturday: Leftover AM storms/rain moves away the warmer and muggy with highs in the upper 80s. Overall not a bad day

Sunday: Storm risk is still there…more scattered in nature though…with highs approaching 90° and muggy too.

  • Discussion:

Yesterday turned into everything that I expected, if you read the blog that is…a head scratcher.

I knew the day would be a weird one…but the unease in not feeling confident about how storms we’re either going to make it…or not make it was infuriating during the afternoon and evening.

Then during the evening we got into a weird spot in many parts of the Metro where storms were sort of skirting the 435 corridor region and while there was all this rain around KC…the Metro, which by the way parts were placed into an “abnormally dry” regime yesterday on the drought report…was missing most, if not all the rain.

Then again with the rain came flooding…and or worse.

There were visually confirmed tornadoes out towards the SW of Topeka…baseball sized hail near Hiawatha, KS…and strong winds on the NE side of the Metro…

There were also some dramatic examples of shelf clouds with the storms too…

That all occurred in the late afternoon and evening.

Rain totals were widely varied…heaviest north and NE of the Metro…lighter through areas SW of Downtown…the scale is on the far left side.

So that was all yesterday and early this morning…

Now the focus shifts towards tonight.

Storms will again fire up…there will be a warm front/boundary lurking in the area and there will be a low level jet stream developing and riding atop the boundary…the set-up screams heavy rain and possible severe weather. We are in an enhanced risk in the region.

Storms should rapidly develop towards or after sunset tonight…again we’ll have to see where things line up and where the boundary decides it wants to solidify…to determine who has the best chance of the heaviest…over 4″ rain amounts but from the KC area northwards…it’s going to be an issue…

Here is the short range HRRR model to get you through…the timing goes like this…21Z is 4PM…0Z is 7PM…3Z is 10PM…6Z is 1AM and 9Z is 4AM…

and local radar…

IF you miss out on the needed rains tonight…the weekend may offer a few chances but odds are that activity will be more scattered.

Then the nasty heat gradually builds and Monday and Tuesday will be pretty thick around these parts. Coaches will need to pay attention to the building heat early next week.

The team will keep you up to date on all this…I’ll be off today into the weekend…next blog is Monday.

Our feature photo is from Terri Bruntmyer‎ up in Excelsior Springs of the storms moving through there yesterday evening.

Have a good weekend!


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