Joe’s Weather World: More ups and downs but nothing too extreme (WED-11/13)

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It’s getting a bit tougher to write up a blog these days only because aside from the ups and downs regarding the temperatures and maybe a shower here or there…there isn’t really anything to blog about. No big storms for awhile…it’s getting dry out there…and the arctic air connection is releasing as well…and that’s a good thing…too cold…too soon.

It has been cold though…and for awhile too. More on that in the discussion.

  • Forecast:

Today: Mostly cloudy…breezy ad chilly with highs in the mid 40s

Tonight: Some clearing and cold but not terrible with lows in the upper 20s and a decent breeze making it feel colder

Thursday: More PM sunshine but colder with highs closer to 40¯

Friday: Not bad with highs approaching 50°

  • Discussion:

Over the last few days 100s of records…record lows and record cold highs have been set from the Plains eastwards to the east coast. This morning record lows are tumbling all over the place back east. This was/is an impressively cold air mass that came down from the Arctic region. It was well forecast for…we knew over a week ahead of time this was coming…and yet it was still impressive I feel…especially for mid November.

Here in the Plains…and elsewhere…November is pretty darn cold so far. Nationwide more than 3° below average. The western 1/3rd of the country is warm though for sure as is most of Florida.

If we go farther back though…to early October…from the 1st through yesterday…the cold weather is more amplified…as a matter of fact this is the 3rd coldest 10/1>11/12 in KC weather history.

I talked about this a bit last night…and it’s always fun to point out when we’re so cold…there is usually a corresponding area of the country that usually is cold but isn’t…that would be Alaska. So look at the map above again…see how cold the eastern 2/3rd of the country is (mostly) now look at this next map towards AK.

It’s pretty mild (compared to average and average is chilly up there).

Note the region north of Alaska. That’s up towards the Chukchi Sea/Beaufort Sea area that is so anomalously warm…that’s because once again, and this is now a chronic issue up there…the sea ice is having a tough time forming…keep in mind there is little to no daylight up there now.

If you look at sea ice maps up there…you can see the void…

Note the orange line…this is the average extent of where the ice “should” be. Note the area east of Greenland too and especially the area that I mentioned early towards the Arctic area.

Anyway with all that in mind and with the record cold in the US…Alaska is setting record highs. Nome yesterday (while we were 27°) was 41°. They did have about 6 1/2 hours of daylight though. The broke the previous record by 3° and their average high for yesterday was 24°.

Other places in AK set record highs as well.

The ying and yang of weather.

Meanwhile back home another decent push of cold air is coming later today and tonight…this will affect us tomorrow with chilly temperatures…probably near 40° for highs…before we moderate starting Friday.

Rain opportunities aren’t so great…let’s watch Sunday for some showers somewhere in the region…but odds favor not a lot of activity till after the 21st or so. There may be something then.

Tedd Scofield with the feature photo of the beautiful full moon from the other night.


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