Joe’s Weather World: Oh my goodness…so much rain (again) (SUN-6/23)

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So let’s start with good news…we’re going to start drying out next week…as a matter of fact the rain that we’ve seen this weekend (so much rain) will be the last heavy widespread rain till at least next Thursday…maybe longer. That’s the good news…although there is a system to watch from the north on Tuesday night.

Another 2-5+” of rain has fallen leading to more flooding. June has had over 7.53″ of rain (through 9AM) and when you factor in the wettest month in KC weather history (12.82″) and combine the two…you are at 20.35″ of rain (and more is coming this morning). Regardless of what happens the rest of this month…we’ve NEVER had a wetter May/June combo in KC weather history going back 130 years!

  • Forecast:

Today: Rain ending later this morning…then a lull with possible new storms later today ( very iffy). Storms will be developing towards the west of the region and we’ll see how they hold together since our instability will be weaker locally. Highs may only be in the 70s

Tonight: Things start to settle down…lows closer to 60

Monday: Actually looks pretty nice with highs closer to 80°

Tuesday: Seasonable with highs in the mid 80s. Let’s watch Tuesday night/early Wednesday storm chances though…especially up north

  • Discussion:

So let’s start with the rain situation that I mentioned at the top of the blog…and show you the wettest May>June combos…

It is somewhat interesting that in the last 20+ years or so…5 of those 2 month combos are in the Top 10.

So much water…here is a look at some of the 2 day totals via Storm Watch.

North of the River

and south of the River

Doppler estimates…this goes back to before the storms hit on Friday morning.

Pink>White areas are 4-6″+ doppler estimated.

Just a crazy amount of rain.

Here are some other totals across the region over the past 24 hours ending at 7AM.

That obviously has led to a lot of flooding…

Too many colors above…that map will auto-update for you.

As you know when you read the blog this week…with the pattern that was unfolding this week I kept saying I couldn’t see how it “couldn’t” rain with this set-up despite the model data that was sometimes all over the place.

So back to the good news…we’re going to see a pattern change this week…and that change is something that really hasn’t happened in awhile…and that would be the development of a summer ridge in the Plains…this will effectively shut things down from a rain standpoint aside from perhaps a few of those more isolated late afternoon pop-ups (if even that).

A ridge is sort of a dome in the mid>upper part of the atmosphere that typically reduces the storminess. When one is in the Plains during this time of the year it gets hot and steamy and with all the moisture in the ground…that should be the case this week.

We’ll see how that works out for us...there are some ways we could still get some storms (other than isolated stuff) IF there is a wave that comes out of the western Plains an drops farther south but we’ll deal with that as the week moves along.

The bottom line is that we’re going to break the wet pattern for at least a little while.

OK that’s it for today…some irregular blogs this coming week with the more settled weather (I hope).

Lots of great shelf clouds this past week…this shot from Ryan Murphy up in Cameron is another good one!


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