Joe’s Weather World: Summer just keeps moving along (WED-8/12)


It’s Wednesday and we’re going through some rather typical summer weather around the region. Today though will be the 17th straight day we have average or below average highs. Today’s average high is 88° and while close…I don’t think we’ll get there.

We also saw some storms yesterday. I got rained on playing golf and had a lightning delay for about 40 minutes or so as a storm formed near us and just sort of had to rain itself out. That was the case yesterday evening when storms were bubbling across areas SE of the Metro. They also were throwing out outflows (sort of like mini cold fronts) that were helping to fuel additional storms. These were moving towards the northwest…so the storms made it into Cass and Johnson Co MO before the sun went down at the atmosphere stabilized.

Today I”m watching a system out west…that may help fuel some scattered activity again later today.



Today: Partly cloudy and muggy with highs into the mid 80s. There may be some isolated storms later this afternoon.

Tonight: Fair skies and muggy with lows near 70°

Tomorrow: A chance of some early morning storms, especially from KC westbound. Then some afternoon storms are possible. Highs in the mid 80s

Friday: About the same.



Let’s start with this…the 6-10 day forecast for next week. Look where the likelihood of below average temperatures is located.

So another what appears to be refreshing air mass is coming early next week…mostly felt starting either Monday or Tuesday.

More on that before the weekend.

Then there’s this…

Next…cleaning up from the derecho a couple of days ago…

For those who want to know what a derecho is…

There were also at least 7 tornadoes in NE IL including the northside of Chicago from all this.

The damage to the crops is bad. I haven’t seen data for northern IL yet…but central IA took a massive hit and it’s something that you can see from space. 10 million acres of crops were affected.

I’ve highlighted the area that shows the destruction. A lot of corn is grown up there…and it’s been wiped away.

This is what a lot of the corn crop looks like…

Just devastating…


Our rain chances aren’t 0 for the next few days…we’ll see about this afternoon as we heat up and get unstable later today especially. There is a wave out in KS moving towards the ESE…

We’ll see if it can do anything for us…

Then overnight into Tomorrow morning another complex will develop and drop southeastwards. This may affect us later tonight into the wee hours of the morning tomorrow…while it appears that the better chances will be from the Metro westbound…we’ll see how far east it can really get…but some may get some rain.

We do that again on Friday morning into lunch…again rain potential but it’s tough to say this will happen for sure.

We should be OK for the weekend although we may have some storms around on Sunday.

The feature photo today comes from our own Kelsey Williamson of fog that greeted parts of the area this morning


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