Joe’s Weather World: Summer really settling in (THU-6/27)

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You can feel it out there this morning…dew points are in the lower 70s to start the day…our morning low was 72°…the sun is shining and it’s really starting to feel like summer now. That feeling will continue through the holiday as we really start to dry out as well over the next few days. Those that want to keep their lawns nice and green will be watering by this weekend…those that have planted new grass or have new sod down will need to water as well. No organized storms are expected for quite some time.

  • Forecast:

Today>next Wednesday: Mostly sunny skies and hot with highs around 90° and lows in the 70s mostly.

There may be some random storms and depending on the development of various thunderstorm clusters that will be scattered through the Plains there may be clouds around like yesterday keeping highs a bit cooler. I have no idea when that could occur based on the data from the last few days.


Needless to say the summer doldrums are starting to settle into the area. We sort of got a break yesterday with all the clouds in place keeping highs in the mid>upper 80s. Today the clouds won’t be as much of a factor and highs will approach 90 this afternoon. That’s a temperature we’ve yet to see…it could happen any day now…

Dew points are up this morning…as is typical of the summer. They will vacillate along as well for the next 7+ days…upper 60s to mid 70s so there will be elevated heat index readings as well as we gradually bake out the soil moisture.

The issue really with the forecast is for a meteorologist to not let their guard down about storm chances (aside from the random stuff). In other words to keep an eye out for overnight complexes of storms or clouds that may drift through at least some parts of the region as a “surprise”. The areas typically most vulnerable to this will be more towards northern MO.

This morning there were clusters of storms in northern KS…just wandering around. They typically weaken after sunrise and the clouds gradually thin out as the morning moves along.

As the atmosphere on the ground and aloft gets hotter…the cap will also conspire against thunderstorms. There may be a few rogue cells develop with the heat and moisture but the data today suggests nothing really organized till at least the 5th…and we’ll see how “real” that is over the next 4 days or so.

So in essence there really isn’t much to write about for now…and that’s OK…it’s time for a blog break I think…I will check back in early next week with something..but right now I can’t really think of anything to write about.

So with that said…I do want you to listen to my latest podcast if you haven’t already. This one was with Trevor Vance from the Royals. He’s in charge of keeping the field nice and green…March…August…October…it always needs to look perfect. Growing grass in KC can be a challenge as many of you know. He’s got some ideas for you too!

[protected-iframe id=”3790e51e448e0a391e1e52c395ac328a-28016812-27967000″ info=”” scrolling=”no”]

While the blog is quiet for a few days…the podcast will be updated again next week. I’ll be talking about summer heat and it’s effects on the urban areas…summer heat is a BIG killer each year. Many don’t pay enough attention to it…and that podcast will be posted before the holiday if things work out as I hope they will.

Our feature photo (and there have been a ton of them on my FB feed) comes from Melissa Buckle Hobbs down towards Colony, KS out in Anderson county…

Pretty shot…enjoy the heat and humidity…remember a lot of you wanted this weather back when we were getting all the snow and cold :) !

See you again next week!


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