Joe’s Weather World: The start of winter (sort of) (MON-12/2)


Good Monday to you…this is going to be a good week and a pretty dry week ahead…meteorological winter has started and overall this is going to be a pretty decent and above average run of weather ahead. It won’t be mild every day…there will still be a couple of decent cold fronts ahead with a sharp drop in temperatures but the overall Pacific flow will be pretty quick…and whatever comes won’t last too long.

The overall pattern will be a dry one as well…at least through the 10th, maybe longer, but at some point there will be a storm later NEXT week I think…


Today: Sunny and cool with highs in the low>mid 40s

Tonight: Clear and chilly with lows close to 30°

Tomorrow: Milder with highs near 55°

Wednesday: Nice…mid 50s


Weather folks considered yesterday the start of winter. Everyone else considers the start of winter to be what the calendar says…which is a few weeks away…Saturday the 21st.

The reason we do this in the weather world is the start of winter varies from year to year…sometimes on the 20th…sometimes on the 21st…sometimes on the 22nd.

For meteorological winter…every winter starts hard and cold on the 1st of December…this is done for statistical reasons really. We consider winter to be from the 1st of December through the last day of February. Then spring from the 1st of March through the last of May…Summer from the 1st of June through the last of August and Fall from the 1st of September through the last of November.

So let’s review meteorological fall..

This fall the average temperature was 55.7°

We finished 37th in terms of the coldest fall temperatures…

Note the other years since 2000…and as recently as last year…2018…which was 7th coldest.

From a precipitation standpoint…69th wettest overall…which is actually pretty good considering how dry we were for most of October into the middle of November. We had 9.44″ of moisture (rain and melted snow).

We had 1.9″ of snow as well…that’s the 35th most.

So we’re closing the book on fall.

What about December…odds favor above average overall for many areas…

A lot of this warmth may be built up over the next 15 days or so…we’ll see what the back half of the month has in store…but at least for awhile snow lovers may have to put away the shovels.

Saw this yesterday from Montana…

That’s pretty impressive…over 60″ of snow and it’s just December now.

Here is another one..

There is a lot of snow cover out there and parts of the northeast may get more overnight into tomorrow.

That’s it for today…with little to blog about this week…next blog is coming on Wednesday.

Our feature photo comes from Michael Edwards down towards Belton.


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