Joe’s Weather World: This weather stinks (TUE-5/19)


I’d get it if this was the dead of winter…we’re known for long drawn out gray periods during that time of the year…but this is more like the west coast…towards California…they go through periods in May and June like this…the “May Gray” or the “June Gloom” when chilly saturated air flows inland from the cool Pacific Ocean.

Last I checked though there wasn’t an Ocean around here…instead there is a meandering upper level storm in southeastern IL that is slowly dropping southwards. It though has wrapped so much moisture around it that clouds are a problem again today…and will be tomorrow and maybe even Thursday to some extent as well.



Today: Cloudy skies with hopefully some breaks this afternoon at some point. Temperatures will be dependent on those breaks…lower 60s where the clouds hang tough and near 70° where the clouds break faster.

Tonight: Turning cloudy again with lows in the mid 50s

Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy with highs in the mid 60s. There may be some light showers/drizzle patches around as well…especially on the MO side

Thursday: Variable clouds with highs hopefully in the mid 70s



And so it goes…another day another deck of clouds. There were attempts late yesterday into the early evening of clearing for some area…some were sunny for an hour or two before sunset. I was pointing this out on the satellite pictures…alas everyone is cloudy again this morning.

The morning satellite pictures aren’t too encouraging.

You can see the upper level low…sort of “squashed” looking this morning meandering arounf far SE IL drifting into far west KY

Moisture is running around the system and pushing westwards into our area.

This chilled moisture…about 5,000 feet thick has been persistently solid for most areas from KC eastwards…it keeps temperatures from dropping at night and keeps the sunshine from warming things up during the day and it’s a shame.

Yesterday highs were in the 70s and 80s where the sun was out across central and eastern KS…whil they were only in the 50s and 60s where the clouds were prevalent. We hit 60° at KCI…a top 10 coolest May 18th in KC weather history.

Today’s coldest highs on this date stack up like this…

We’re at 55° as I start the blog…but yesterday we only went up 6°…so it’s possible IF we stay cloudy ALL day…we have another top 10 coldest high temperature for today’s date.

This is the coldest 1st 18 days of May since 1990!

In time this low pressure region will move far enough away from the region and the sun will return…but the problem with that is the next system will come on it’s heels and that means more rain chances.

As you try to make plans for the weekend…there will be rain around but at this point a washout seems unlikely.

The timing of the rain chances appear to be Friday through lunch…Saturday early (if at all)…Sunday (anytime) and Monday (PM mostly). Clouds will impact the temperatures…but near to above 80° seems reasonable depending on the cloud cover situation.

The winds in the mid>upper parts of the atmosphere don’t appear to be overly suggestive of a large severe weather risk. Some storms may be strong…maybe, but widespread severe weather at this point isn’t expected. So that’s something I guess. Always worth watching but things aren’t glaringly concerning right now for the holiday weekend.

This cool May though, here and elsewhere is influencing the tornado season to a large extent. It’s very possible June may end up more active than May. Temperatures this month in the Plains…

That has lead to this…

So we started more active that usual…and now the brakes have been pushed.

Our feature photo comes from Clay Chapman down in Key West…we need something like this here.


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