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Not exactly the most exciting title for a blog…shall we say not exactly a “grabber” but it really is nice out there, although with pretty stiff winds. Typically those winds would be form the south, but today it’s a rare stiff north summer wind blowing allowing drier surface air to move into the area and also pleasantly cool air to move is as well. Temperatures as I write this blog are around 80° and we should go up another few more before clouds become a bit more apparent in the skies around the region.

Here is a look at the early afternoon satellite picture showing skies across our region being mostly sunny, however up across IA skies have more clouds in them and from the looks of the clouds there are showers up there as well.

There seems to be a secondary cold front up there on the surface map that may glide through the area before tonight. Radar from Des Moines shows scattered tiny cells popping up and drifting southwards, so for folks on the MO side to the east of the KC area there may be some brief showers this afternoon that won’t last long.

Our dewpoints are in the comfortable 50s and should stay there mostly through the middle of the upcoming week or so before creeping back up towards the end of the holiday week. Temperatures will be around 80° for the next few days with very pleasant mornings. Getting out of the swimming pools int he area will be “refreshing” for sure!

Hard to imagine one year ago we were in the middle of heat wave #1 with temperatures on 6/28 of 105° and on 6/29 it was 102°

Speaking of the heat, it’s been displaced well to the west of the region…at least for now with the deserts, in particular, enduring the worst of it. Record highs are likely out there. Yesterday Las Vegas, NV hit 115°. here is the forecast off the RAP model indicating the temperatures at about 5PM MDT…there are some 120-125° temperatures in S CA! Click on that image to make it readable…

ScreenHunter_06 Jun. 29 13.01

This heatwave will spread up and down the west coast, especially in the interior sections over the weekend.

Why so hot out there…well the heat wave generator are as we refer to it as the anti-cyclone has set up across that part of the country…it was in the Plains states last summer for weeks at a time…here is some heatwave 101 from the NWS in Salt Lake City…they hit 105° yesterday for a record for the day and month  of June too!

Something that is interesting about all that heat is that the aircraft out there has to change the way they do things on take-offs and landings…they have to watch out for something called high density altitude.

ScreenHunter_07 Jun. 29 13.17

Did you know last night was a big night for the northern lights in the Plains states. They were seen across most states north of I-70 including KS and MO. There are some great pictures here from Goff, KS. Also had reports in Plattsburg, MO as well.

That’s it for today…as the weather continues to enter the summer doldrums, but in a good way for the next 10 days or so, I may take a blog day off every so often if I can’t think of anything creative/interesting to write about. As you know I won’t just write a one or two paragraph blog and post a picture or two and call it a day. It wastes your time and that’s the last thing I want to do.


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